Subject: RE: Urgent request for help from the Anglo-Indian community
May 17,2010 —

This is Tim Sullivan. I’m an American journalist based in New Delhi. I am writing because a little boy’s life is at stake, and the Anglo-Indian community may be able to help him. I have a close friend in Washington DC whose four-year-old son has leukemia and is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. Because Devan is of mixed ethnic background, they cannot find a match for him. His mother – writer Indira Lakshmanan – is of Indian origin, his father – photographer Dermot Tatlor – is Irish. It occurred to me that some in the Anglo-Indian community would share Devan’s general genetic traits – which would make them more likely matches. Anyone could be a match for Devan – but the numbers are better for people of mixed South Asia/European ancestry. Testing to see if you match is easy in many of the countries with large Anglo-Indian populations – including Canada.

The Canadian donor website is at: mdrPKG-intro?OpenDocument&CloseMenu Information on Devan’s situation, and how to get tested, is at

If this appeal can be spread within the Anglo-Indian networks, I would be extremely grateful. It may save Devan’s life. Below is Indira’s appeal for help. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Best

Tim Sullivan, Bureau Chief, South Asia
The Associated Press, New Delhi
If you go to, then go the button that says: See local organisations here. That has a connection to the donor information in many countries, including Canada.

Or if it still doesn’t work you can call: 1-888-236-6283. That’s the number for Canadian Blood Services, which handles testing for bone marrow. One thing to point out: many marrow donations today are actually done through a system called Peripheral Blood Stem Cell – it is similar to donating blood and does not require surgery.

Devan’s chance for a donor match is not looking very good, because of the lack of donors among people of mixed ethnicities. If there are any Anglo-Indian organizations or networks that you’re aware of, I would deeply appreciate it if you passed on my message. Or feel free to send me the contacts and I’d be happy to take care of sending on the email.

On behalf of Devan’s parents: Thank you so much.