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Sun, 28 Mar 2010
Subject: Can you help us please?
From: thomas.abraham77@gmail.com

I went to school in the Nilgiris at a school called Laidlaw Memorial School /St. Georges´s Homes in Ketti and I am looking for alumni from that school.

I have lived in Atlanta, Georgia since 1988. I edited a newsletter for the alumni from 1979-1986. We have a website for the alumni – Laidlaw Alumni/Old Georgians- www.oldgeorgians.com, one for the school – School website- www.laidlawschool.org and now on Facebook. I manage the Facebook page. Can you post the following where you deem appropriate please?

Did you go to school in Ketti?
Check this link please. We are on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Laidlaw-Memorial-SchoolSt-Georges-Ketti-643215/103935156393

1210+ people joined us since July 1st, 2009. Experience Ketti in the photos we have posted here……. Please register at www.oldgeorgians.com. This is the Laidlaw Alumni website. We have 1000+ people registered there.

We need to compile a master database of all old students from Laidlaw/St. George’s by batch. School website – www.laidlawschool.org Our school and our Principal -Winston Gardner were on the cover of Anglos In the Wind recently. I was honored to review a copy today when an Old Georgian from UK- Glenn Rapson was visiting Atlanta.

We do not as yet have a sub-directory for SINGAPORE. We have discovered a vibrant and active Association called the The Eurasian Association Singapore

All pertinent details on this Eurasian Association can be found at www.eurasians.org. We hope you enjoy this interesting website.

We have designed this site to be the most complete international repository and exchange of Anglo-Indian information. Here you will find information on the History and the current culture of Anglo-Indians around the world. An index of one the world´s most complete Library´s of Anglo-Indian information is available here. We also list upcoming and recently past Reunions for those interested in meeting others who share our heritage. Please look through the site using the menu on the left. Take a moment to fill out the Contact Form with your comments, request more information or to find out about having a reunion or other information posted here.

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