APRIL 2011

Ignatius, Ernest
Actor & Singer. Ernest is the singer of the famous “I Married A Female Wrestler” record; and is now into his acting career. He played a leading role in the London, England, stage show “Bombay Dreams”. He has acted in several TV productions namely “Life is not all “Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee!” and the “Bradford Riots” which will be aired in Canada on March 28th. He was a famous singer in India, singing in the larger hotels in many major cities in India. He immigrated with his family to England in 1979.

Innes, Lieutenant General John J. McLeod

Jackson, Commander Len
Director General Ports & Shipping, Pakistan Navy

Jacob, Russell Anthony
Australian Army Conspicuous Service Cross (CSC) Recipient

James, Basil
Railway Train Driver

Jansen, Pat
Hockey Player
Played for the Calcutta Po9rt Commissioners. Achieved the position of being the top scorer of the side. In 1948, India retained the title of hockey champions of the world.

Jarrett, Lieutenant Hanson C.T.

Jennings, Edward
Rough Rider

Railway Train Driver & Recipient of the Ashoka Charkra award

Professor & Dean

Johnson, Arthur
Indigo Factory Employee

Johnson, Leslie
Chairman of Oil and Natural Gas Commission

Johnston, Dr. Benjamin

Jones, General

Jones, Thomas Gerald

Jones, Wilson
World Amateur Billiards Champion

Joshua, Aaron
Featherweight, greatest victory over Roy Ankarah of the Gold Coast

Jotham, Captain, E.,

Kane, Eden
Pop Singer

Karloff, Boris

Kavanagh, Thomas Henry

Kaye, M. M.
Author — “Far Pavilions”
M M Kaye was born in Simla, the summer residence of the British viceroy and the city to which she returned every summer for the first ten years of her life.

This remarkable woman has managed to reconcile the demands of being a full-time wife, mother and world traveller with a long and impressive literary career. After her education in England she returned to India and married Goff Hamilton, an officer in Queen Victoria’s Own Corps of Guides. Her husband’s military assignments have taken her all over India as well as Egypt, Kenya, Germany, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Keelor, Denzil
Fighter Pilot and Air Marshal

Keelor, Trevor
Fighter Pilot

Kellner, F.D.
Registrar-Military Auditor-General’s Office

Kellner, Patrick

Kellner, Sir George Welsh

Kenny, Lieutenant W.D.

Kerr, Captain William A.

Kerr, Robert
Accountant-Military Auditor-General’s Office

Kirkpatrick, Colonel James Achilles
Scholar; Soldier & Administrator

Kirkpatrick, Major General William
Founded the Bengal Military Orphan Asylum

Kitto, Carlton
India’s Greatest Be-Bop Jazz Guitarist, born in Frazer Town, Bangalore. Although Jazz has taken various directions, Carl sticks to Be-Bop Jazz which he feels is the most challenging form of Jazz.

Kubes, Milton

Kyd, James
Master Shipbuilder & formed the East Indian Club

La Fontaine, Dennis
Air Chief Marshal

La Fontaine, Shirley
Award Winning Microbiologist

Laidlaw, Sir Robert
Merchant; Benefactor & Banker

Larkins, Frank
Director of Weapons

Laski, Harold
Labour politician

Laughnan, Gunner Thomas,

Lavender, Mark
Australian Cricketer

Lawerence, Sir John

Lawrence, C.S.
Headed a commission for the Government of India

Lazaro, D.
Squadron Leader, Indian Air Force.
Vir Chakra Award recepient. 1971 India-Pakistan War hero

Lazaro, J.F. PVSM
Air Vice-Marshall. 1971 India-Parkistan War hero.

Le Vacieu (or Le Vassoult)
Commander of Artillery

Leach, General Sir E.P.

LEADON, Richard Bruce
Cardio-Vascular Perfusionist. Speaker and Lecturer on Paediatric Cardiac Perfusion not only in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada but several countries around the globe. Born in Calcutta, India, May 2, 1936 passed away September 27, 2006, in the New Halifax

Leake, Colonel

Legge, Thomas

Leigh, Vivian

Leonowens, Anna
Author, & Governess in the Court of Siam — “Anna & The King of Siam”

Light, Colonel William
Designer of the City of Adelaide

Lindstedt, Charles William
Deputy Registar-Military Department

Liverpool, Lord
Prime Minister (Grandmother was an Anglo-Indian)

Lloyd, Lord
British Administrator

Lloyd, O.E.P.

Lloyd, Vernon Alexander PVSM
Airman, Group Captain
1971 India-Pakistan War hero

Lockran, Gerry
Born: Gerald Cranston Frederick Loughran
Blues Singer, Poet

Lockwood, Margaret

Lopez, J.W.C.

Lord, Patty
Basketball Player

Loughran, Commander Ian
Commander of 37 Squadron, (Night Fighters) Indian Air Force

Loughran, J.E.
Squadron Leader

Ludgrove, Michael
Head of Rare Books, Manuscripts & Sporting Memorabilia

Luiz, A.A.D.
Convenor of the Union of Anglo-Indian Associations

Lumb, Lionel
Journalist, TV producer and documentary-maker, journalism professor, writer. born in Lahore, moved to Calcutta, studied at St. Xavier´s and worked for The Statesman newspaper. Emigrated to England in 1963, switched from newspapers to television journalism for the BBC. Came to Canada in 1973, where he lives in Ottawa. Senior or executive producer with Global, CTV and CBC, then taught journalism at Carleton University. Retired in 2003 but still writing, and is heading up communications and PR for the Seventh World Anglo-Indian Reunion in Toronto in 2007.

ACTRESS/MODEL — Born May 1st, 1946 in Srinagar, Kashmir, India) is an English actress and former model. James Lumley´s natural father is the photographer Michael Claydon and is of Anglo Indian ethnicity. Lumley was educated at St Mary´s School, Sussex. Tall, leggy, thin and blonde, Lumley spent three years as a photographic model,and is said to have made her TV debut in a well-known UK advert for Nimble bread first screened in 1969 [1]. She also worked as a house model for the late Jean Muir.

Lumsden, Anne
Hockey player

Lyons, Esther Mary
Writer/Author, “Unwanted”

Lytton, Lord
Viceroy of India