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St. Michael’s High School, Kurji – Reunion – Saturday 4th Sept 2010.
~~~~~~~~~~ by Ralph Bayross ~~~~~~~~~~

If you blinked, you probably missed it, but the St. Michael’s School Reunion has been and gone for another year – and judging from the telephone calls and e-mails I received, it was hailed a resounding success. Time does fly when you are enjoying yourself and whilst September is expected to bring more autumnal showers and cool temperatures, we were blessed with wall-to-wall sunshine with temperatures reaching 20 -22c.

The event was attended by some 92 friends and guests from St. Joseph’s Convent – our sister school in Patna and ex pupils from St. Patrick’s and St. Vincent’s , Asansol. Apologies were received from Alice Vierya; Patricia and John Putt , Yvonne and Trevor Gilchrist, Mary D’Cruse; Raymond Agacy, Patrick Porter and good wishes (via e-mail) were received from our Overseas friends from Australia – Rex Naug, Jeff Blaquiere, Darrel Fitzpatrick, Lionel Walker and Leon Conquo; from Louis Gillard and Anne Ruttan in Canada and from Agnes Tullett & Barbara Rodrigues in India.

Those who attended in alphabetical order – Ainsley & Janice ALBERT: Bill ANTHONY, Gavin BAILEY, Ralph & Elissa BAYROSS, Chris BEATTY, Neville and Errol BEDDOE, Norman and Arline BOWMAN; Patricia BULLOCK; Cedric BURROWS; Tony BURRETT; Rudy, Marina and Irvine COOPER; Winston & Barbara COLOQHOUN; Florence DALY; Bernice D’SOUZA; George & Monica DROSSO; Errol EDEN; Marion FEEGRADE & Leon SMITH; Alan & Denise FERNANDES; Charles GETHIN & Gail WELLS; Tyrone HENERIC; Max and Marion HIGGINSON; Carl & Mary HIGGINSON; Derrick & Jennifer HOGERMEER; Leo HUTCHISON; Ashley & Dulcie JACOB; Archie JAHANS & Lynne LANNIGAN; Vivienne JAHANS: Ainsley & Valerie LARDNER: Frank & Christine LONG; Robin & Wendy MUIR; Noel NYSS; Fred & Gwen PARR; Arthur & Esther PINTO; Jack REBEIRO; Dick & Gloria REMEDIOS; Carlton & Jennifer ROSEMEYER; Yvonne ROBINSON; Val ROSARIO & Dorothy RAINFORD; Gwen SANFORD & Mark VANRISTLE; Clive SMITH; Julian & Colleen SNAIZE; George TARLING; Charles & Margaret TARLING; Arthur TOWNDROW; Les & Arline TAYLOR; Maggie THELWALL; Marie & Selby TWEEDIE; Peter & Annette VAUGHAN; Ian WALKER; Blanche WATTS; Doug & Shirley WILSON; Lester WEBB; Joan & George WHEATLEY; Wayne WHEATLEY; Chas WILLIAMS: Ralph WOOD.

A “Very Warm Welcome” was extended to Tyrone HENERIC an ex St Patrick’s pupil (1958 Senior Cambridge Class) who had travelled from Mannheim, Germany to celebrate with his St. Pats “Goondas” and also Frank and Christine LONG. Frank was very closely associated with the Irish Christian Brothers and taught in Kurji the 4th standard – back in 1954- pupils like Ainsley Albert, Ian Walker and Robin Muir renewing acquaintances some 56 years later. In our opening prayers we remembered our sick brothers and sister and also DAPHNE HARRIS whose husband Adrian passed away suddenly on August Bank Holiday weekend. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him – RIP. Once again there was a variety of home cooked Anglo-Indian food, Karthi Kebabs and Parathas, Samosas and Curried Patties followed by Gulab Jamoons and Jellaby Pudding. Thanks to our ladies who really excel themselves and unlike other school Reunions which I have attended, we do not “contract the catering out”. All genuine home cooking.

The Buffett Lunch was followed by dancing and later in the afternoon a Quiz – comprising of 8 teams causing some excitement. The winners captained by Norman Bowman and his wife Arline were the runaway winners scoring 96.

On behalf of the Committee “Thanks” to all who attended, helped and supported the event, especially the WORKING PARTY and KITCHEN LADIES. We look forward to seeing you all on

SATURDAY 3rd SEPTEMBER 2011 provided we can book the hall for that date.

Ralph Bayross, 4, Morleys, Ashington, Pulborough, West Sussex, England – Telephone 01903-892709.


From: kmallik@yahoo.com
Subject: A REQUEST

I´m an alumnus of St. Patrick´s School, Asansol (India). I represent its alumni body and we are putting together a 35-member volunteer Alumni Council. We are looking for a Regional VP (Aus-NZ) who will help us unearth more alumni in that region (traveling isn´t necessary, just love for the school, being on the Internet, and a willingness to help). Given the large numbers of our Anglo-Indian alumni in Australia, we would prefer that we select an Anglo-Indian alum for that role.

Could you either forward this message to as many SPS alumni as you know, or provide their contact information?

We would be indebted.

Regards, – Kinger Mallik ´90, President
St. Patrick´s Alumni International


Sun, 28 Mar 2010
Subject: Can you help us please?
From: thomas.abraham77@gmail.com

I went to school in the Nilgiris at a school called Laidlaw Memorial School /St. Georges´s Homes in Ketti and I am looking for alumni from that school.

I have lived in Atlanta, Georgia since 1988. I edited a newsletter for the alumni from 1979-1986. We have a website for the alumni – Laidlaw Alumni/Old Georgians- www.oldgeorgians.com, one for the school – School website- www.laidlawschool.org and now on Facebook. I manage the Facebook page. Can you post the following where you deem appropriate please?

Did you go to school in Ketti?
Check this link please. We are on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Laidlaw-Memorial-SchoolSt-Georges-Ketti-643215/103935156393

1210+ people joined us since July 1st, 2009. Experience Ketti in the photos we have posted here……. Please register at www.oldgeorgians.com. This is the Laidlaw Alumni website. We have 1000+ people registered there.

We need to compile a master database of all old students from Laidlaw/St. George’s by batch. School website – www.laidlawschool.org Our school and our Principal -Winston Gardner were on the cover of Anglos In the Wind recently. I was honored to review a copy today when an Old Georgian from UK- Glenn Rapson was visiting Atlanta.

Hello Lynnette,
The St Francis de Sales school at Nagpur has been Alma Mater to many an A.I boy. Many of these boys must be regular visitors to your website I´m sure. This year the old school completes 140 yrs of its existence and I was asked to compose a piece on the decade that i was a student there. I am attaching the same which kindly feel free to edit and put up on your website, time and space permitting.

Thank you Lynette. With regards,

St.Francis de Sales IN THE DECADE OF THE 80’s
BY: Noel Dias, Nagpur, India

Most of my classmates left S.F.S after their S.S.C I stayed on for another 2 years and completed my H.S.S.C. This in turn perhaps qualifies me better to compose an essay on S.F.S in the decade of the 80’s.

The 80’s had an angry young man tear across cinema screens all over India—Amitabh Bacchan. Tall & lanky he had a deep baritone voice & his personality captivated his audiences. In S.F.S there was the late Mr. F.X.Anthony who had a similar personality, an equally deep voice & a height to match. He had us spellbound during his math’s class. What he taught us we never forgot. There was another teacher who also taught us math’s, however she was just the opposite in structure. Slim, dainty and ladylike she was Mrs. Sally Perreira. Though thin and frail no one dared play the fool in her class. She never used a cane or raised her voice; a stare from her was enough to control a bunch of hooligans. Like the legendary Mr. Jack Collaco she passed away while still in service, they both remained teachers to the very end.

Biology was taught by Mr. Shirley & in class he never sat down. He taught the subject while pacing up and down, his hands folded behind his back. He never taught from a textbook, with his in-depth knowledge of biology he could write a couple of textbooks. Physics was taught by Mr. Daniel James, the Bruce Lee of S.F.S. He used his knuckles, palms, fists and anything else available to thump the subject into our heads. His method worked wonderfully and none of us failed in his class. Physics was also taught by the perfect gentleman Mr. Hassan, who always had a broad smile—-till he lost his temper. Seldom did he lose his temper but if he did, woebetide the boy who faced his wrath. Fire and brimstone rained from Mr. Hassans fists. The next day it was all forgotten and he’d be back smiling at us.

Chemistry was taught by Mr Rathi and Mr Jaleel. Mr Jaleel was soft spoken but a terror to anyone who tried any stunts in his class. Marathi was taught by Mr Deshmukh, Mr Bhagdeo & Miss S.Waghmare. Miss Waghmare never whacked us; she had her own improvised torture methods to keep us rascals in control. She would wring our earlobes till we jumped up and down in agony or worse still she’d pull our sideburns till we yelled for mercy. The worst of Chinese torture was pale in comparison. To escape this we behaved ourselves in her class.

The government of India has spent a lot of money on inquiry commissions to find out if Netaji Subash is still alive. This could have been avoided if the logic of our Hindi teacher Miss Ved Kumari Leekha was used. She always reiterated that had Netaji been alive he would have joyfully returned to his beloved motherland since nothing could have kept Netaji away from independent India. Simple & logical was her thinking! We had another Hindi Master Mr. Kalbhor & he would perch himself on his desk while teaching us the subject. He often called us “Gadhe Bacche” and his punishment consisted of a couple of hard slaps followed by the agonizing Murga. Not all our teachers were the hard hitting type, Mr’s Uma Kapoor & Mr’s Bharti Deshraj had the grace, poise and elegance that could have easily earned them a place in Bollywoods hall of fame, however they chose S.F.S over Bollywood.

History was taught by a man of few words, the compassionate Mr. Joseph. The only time he got worked up was when he taught us the folly of erstwhile rulers because of whom India ended up a colony of Britain, had these rulers been advised by the likes of Mr. Joseph we never would have been colonized. While Mr. Joseph taught us history, geography was taught by a lady who lived through one of the most devastating event in the history of the 20th century, Ms Patsy Menzes. Teacher Patsy as a young girl survived the bombing of Rangoon by the Japanese forces in 1941 during W.W.II. Later she & her family members fled Rangoon, trekking all the way to India on foot to escape the Japanese ground invasion. After growing up she joined S.F.S as a teacher in the 60’s. She often traveled overseas and returned to describe places she had visited. We listened with rapt attention; after all it was during the pre T.V era, a time when the world hadn’t shrunk as it has done these days.

All that Sir Almas required was a piece of chalk and a blackboard & in minutes he would have a masterpiece up there, he taught us drawing & if we distracted him with our antics he’d turn around and say “Ganga ram—- look here”. While he was engrossed drawing on the board some boys would play the drum on their desks, to them he’d turn around and say “You band master—–look here”. Our physical education instructor was Mr Sakherphekar & he was built on similar lines as that of Dara Singh, he encouraged us to build our bodies & this had us confused because other teachers encouraged us to build our minds. On the Kanhan Bridge etched deep in a stone on its side wall (towards the railway crossing end) are the words “Donald Menasse 1937” clearly visible. It was done by the late Mr Menasse when he was a young boy. Mr Menasse was the school supervisor and a powerhouse of energy. Never once was he seen sitting down or resting. He was forever moving around the corridors, always in top gear. Because of his dynamic personality all who knew him called him Major Menasse.

The academic year began in June & the first event was the inter house football competition, followed by the English and Hindi elocution and then the inter house quiz. Before the Diwali vacations we had our terminal exams. After the Diwali vacations there was an event we hated – drill practice in the fore noon sun in preparation for the annual sports day. Soon after the sports day in December we had an event the whole of Nagpur waited for — the S.F.S schools annual concert. It was a showcase of our talent and the genius of our teachers both going together hand in hand and what we put up was nothing short of a spellbinding display. After that the school would close for Christmas and reopen in January. From then on it was preparation for judgment day, the final exams.

In the 80’s S.F.S had two principals the first was the late Rev Oswald deSouza, a postgraduate in psychology. He forever emphasized the importance of physical exercise in a child’s life. After school in the evening he’d be on the playground coaching the schools football team. Whenever the school team played a match he’d be on the sidelines cheering the team on & after every the match, the team was treated to a Dosa, irrespective if they had won or lost. Fr deSouza handed over charge to the Rev Maurice Fernandes & he introduced the electrical maintenance and fisheries sections in the junior college, renovated the park, installed an intercom system and had the basketball court cemented. Both these priests were assisted by the Shashi Kapoor of S.F.S, the handsome and forever young looking Rev Ivan Lobo. Without his cassock he could easily pass off as a college student. Some years later he took over as principal from Fr Maurice.

S.F.S in the 80’s produced students that have done the institution proud internationally. Vijay Francis is a leading physiotherapist in Chicago, Vineet Malhotra and Parag Kumar work for financial institutions in Hong Kong and Tokyo respectively, Debrata Roy is a scientist with the TIFR, Supantha Bannerjee is a learned professor of English. Ranjit Pande, Debashis Bhattacharya, Sanjay Naidu & Sanjay Pramanik are eminent doctors. Vinay Mohota, Faiz Vali, Girish Dewani, Naushad and Rukshad Bhagwagar are prominent businessmen, Debesh Lahiri, Prateek Mahant and Manish Naidu went on to become commissioned officers in our armed forces. Sandeep Chauksey did his B.Sc and B.Ed while Lincoln Majumdar earned a B.E in electrical engineering, they both returned to teach in their Alma Mater. This list of achievers is not complete with just these few names & there are many more.

In my opinion the name that tops the list is that of Kushroo Poacha. Kushroo founded the Indian blood donor’s website, one that classifies the blood group of donors and stores the data thereby saving valuable time. This website has saved many lives especially in times of calamities such as the Gujarat earthquake, when a lot of blood is required at short notice. Its usefulness in times of catastrophic disasters is immense. Lastly there is an incident from the 80’s that I would like to add since it is linked to my family. In 1987 a young teacher joined the pre primary section. Because of her childish looks & short stature she was frequently teased “Under 16, Under 16, Under 16”, by high school boys who were a few years younger, but double her size. The teasing continued till it became unbearable. One fine day when she could take it no more she lashed out with the umbrella she carried and whacked all in the group with all her might. The thrashing was long and intense & to the onlookers present it resembled Samson bashing the Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. This was something those boys least expected, and they retreated bruised, battered & badly shaken. From that moment on never again did any one dare tease her.

Nine years later I had the good fortune of marrying this lady. Teacher Sheeba is her name & the umbrella like the sword of Tipu Sultan is preserved for posterity. It’s been an eventful 140 years of quality service for S.F.S and as the old school embarks on another voyage that will see it cross many more milestones, in my nautical lexis I wish the institution a Bon Voyage, smooth seas and favorable winds. The old school has given so much to so many & I can hardly think of my life without S.F.S, after all I was there for 12 years. Roll on S.F.S you make me feel like a child again.
“Dare to be wise”




St.Michael’s High School, Patna – Reunion – Saturday 19th September 2009.
~~~ by Ralph Bayross
Telephone UK 01903-892709
E-Mail: bayross1@talktalk.net

Joie de vivre and reminiscing old times yet again marked another School Reunion held in the Parish Hall of Our Lady of the Annunciation, Addiscombe, Croydon. Yes, camaraderie took on a new meaning on the 19th September 2009, when a large number of ex pupils from St. Mikes and their wives/partners, together with ex pupils from St. Joseph’s Convent, Bankipore , our sister school in Patna and ex pupils of St. Patrick’s and St Vincents, Asansol assembled with invited guests for an afternoon of fun and enjoyment.

Our numbers were somewhat depleted because of “Wine“flu and for other reasons not known to me, but big is not always beautiful and those who attended, (some 70 in total) certainly said they enjoyed themselves.

Apologies were received from Charles and Margaret Tarling, Douglas and Shirley Wilson, Desmond and Christine Jenkins, Ainsley and Janice Alberts, Errol and Heather Beddoe, George and Christine D’Silva, Florence Daly, Esther Pinto, Lynne Lannigan, Fred and Gwen Parr, Patricia and John Putt, Yvonne and Trevor Gilchrist and Kumar Zaman.

Those who attended in alphabetical order – Raymond AGACY; Bill ANTHONY; Gavin BAILEY; Ralph & Elissa BAYROSS; Chris & Jane BEATTY; Neville BEDDOE; Norman & Arline BOWMAN; Cedric BURROWS; Rudy & Martina COOPER; Winston & Barbara COLOQHOUN; Mary D’CRUZE; George & Monica DROSSO; Errol EDEN;Alan & Denise FERNANDES; June & Maurice GOODERHAM; Keith and Sue HASWELL; Max and Marion HIGGINSON; Carl and Mary HIGGINSON; Derrick and Jenny HOGERMEER; Leo HUTCHISON; Ashley and Dulcie JACOB; Archie JAHANS; Robin and Wendy MUIR; Robert NAMEY; Noel NYSS; Aubrey OLIVER; Errol PENN; Arthur PINTO; Patrick PORTER; Jack REBEIRO; Neville REBELLO; Dick and Gloria REMEDIOS; Val ROSARIO & Dorothy RAINFORD; Gillian & Michelle SEARLE; George TARLING; Les and Arline TAYLOR; Arthur TOWNDROW; Marie & Selby TWEEDIE; Paul UPSHON; Peter and Annette VAUGHAN; Alice VIERYA; Ian WALKER; James & Shirley WALTERS; Lester WEBB; Joan and George WHEATLEY; Wayne WHEATLEY and Ralph WOOD.

The Buffet commenced after my Opening Address about 13. 30 hours and as is customary on these occasions, food was served to each person ushered out by table, under the direction of our seating stewards Dick Remedios and Robin Muir. It goes without saying that our lovely Ladies excelled themselves with an abundance of delicious home cooked Anglo-Indian food, followed by an assortment of Indian sweets ordered and supplied by “AMBALAS”. Once again, doggy bags for supper were taken home by many.

George Wheatley and Ralph Wood pre-arranged a selection of dance music and after LUNCH Archie Jahans with his Reserve partner Martina Cooper led the dancing and the dance floor was pretty crowded; most people working off their curry and rice lunch. Derrick Hogermeer, our Musical Maestro then played his keyboard and assisted by the Committee organised – A NAME THAT TUNE CONTEST which was won by Table 2 –Raymond Agacy and his “Dinapore Deharties” The Higginson Brothers (Max and Carl) from St. Patricks made the presentations to our Kitchen Ladies for their excellent work in organising and serving the food so efficiently.

As always, the success of the day was mainly attributed to the:

  • Support given every year by you our friends and invited guests,
  • Dedication, commitment and financial support given by all KURJI ex pupils, and
  • Help and assistance given by the Committee and a small “Team” of Voluntary helpers.

Put this date in your diary now! SATURDAY 4th SEPTEMBER 2010. We have requested the Hall, if available.






Dear Vadhans, Our 125thYear cum our Annual Dinner / Dance at the CALCUTTA ROWING CLUB,was a huge success. One minute silence was observed for Tsunami victims and all those Vadhans who passed away in 2004,at the start of the great evening.

The decor in the hall was very sober and the weather was very kind. The livewire band with Feroz the renowned DJ from Saturday Club,kept the Vadhans and their guests on their feet.The dance floor was jam-packed with more than 20 prizes given away for different dances.The GNext had a night to remember with loud blast of both western and indipop rent the air, well past midnight.

Manoj Rana´s “THE HERITAGE STORY” the video made on the 125th year function held April/May 2004 at KURSEONG was screened,everybody became quite nostalgic.[Rana tells us the cost of the two CDs will Rs200 INR cover charges extra.Contact Manoj Rana in Darjeeling,his telephone Nos are.+91-0354-2257391(R);+91-0354-2254061/260(O)]

The caterers did a brilliant job with all the continental dishes,a big thanks to them.Though the drinks were rock bottom priced,yet we did not have any knockouts,thanks guys. At the end we gave away expensive prizes for the dinner card by way of raffle,and most of the 20 odd prizes were picked up by Goethalls and North Point ex-students.

We had ex-students from various schools of Darjeeling,Vadhans from foreign soil and some from North Bengal gracing the occasion,thanks to all of them.We would also thank the various sponsers and our fellow Vadhans who made this ocasion a runaway success by way of their valuable advise,gifts,hampers and hard labour.Thanks . But the evening will be best remembered for the get-together of the old and the new boys and girls from various schools of Darj,especially of VS & DH.We missed all those who missed the occasion.So please block the second Saturday of January 2006. WE SHALL MEET AGAIN.

Till then have a successful 2005.
with warm greetings ALOKE NANDI, (Secretary), VADHA


Manoj Rana,the chief Coordinator of the 125 years celebrations held in April – May 2004,has brought out CD (2 Vols.) “THE HERITAGE STORY”.Its done well and anyone interested in these CDs please contact: Mr.HARISH CHETTRI
D.E.B.Office – Near Maple Lodge,
P.O. & District Darjeeling,
West Bengal 734 101 India

The cost of the CDs (including packaging and postage,etc)

  1. Rs 350.00 (in INDIA)
  2. $ 30.00 US $
  3. Pounds 15.00
  4. Aus.$. 40.00
  5. Can.$. 40.00

Please send your complete address along with your email address and cheque to the above address. Further information contact: rememoryvcd@rediffmail.com
OAK GROVE ALUMNI — Registration please see note below

Oak Grove, Jharipani has a new online Registration service for all Alumni. You can register by going to WWW.oakgrove-jharipani.com. Visit their new website for more details



The Old Paulians´ Association of Yangon, Union of Myanmar, is celebrating its silver jubilee and will pay “tribute and homage” to past teachers and masters on Sunday, November 14, 2004 within the grounds of the old school in Yangon, Myanmar, followed by a day-long celebration with many happy events planned. Early notification is given to allow for travel plans in advance. You do not need to be a member of the Old Paulians´ Association of Yangon, Myanmar. All Old Paulians are most welcome.

For pledges of donations please contact: Richard Boudville, 47 Golders Way, Girrawheen 6064. mailto:rboudville@aol.com or
Capt. Win Than Oo in Yangon, mailto:captwin@myanmar.com.mm