JUNE 2010

Abbott, Anstice
A Girl Widow´s Romance
Religious Track Society, London

Abdullah, Mrs. Morag (Murray)
My Khyber Marriage
George G. Harrap & Co., London

Abel, Evelyn
The Anglo-Indian Community – Survival in India or Tour of Sir Ali Baba, KCB (Univ. of Calif. Berkeley Library
Chanakya Pub., Delhi

Aberigh-MacKay, George
Twenty-One Days in India or Tour of Sir Ali Baba, KCB (New and Revised Edition)
W.H. Allen & Co., London

Adams, Jane
A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil
The Macmillian Co., NY

Adams, Keith
Journey to India
This book touches upon the Anglo-Indian as being fortunate in modern India
Australian Broadcasting Commission, Sydney

ADAMS, Stephen
The Last Anglo Indian and Lizzie

SYNOPSIS: A boy is born in British Colonial India in 1938. He is the second son of Anglo Indian parents. They live as their earlier generations have, in their own railway community. The story tracks the b

Format: Paperback Publication
ISBN: 978-1-908282-88-0
16th May 2011

Adams, W.H. D.
Episodes of Anglo-Indian History
E. Marlborough & Co., London

Best Indian Chutney: Some Eastern Vignettes
H. Jenkins

Aitken, E.H.
Behind the Bungalow (University of New Mexico Library)
Thacker, Spink & Co., Calcutta

The Commentaries of the Great Alfonso Dalboquerque (Translated by Walter de Gray Birch) (4 vols.)
Hakluyt Society, London

Aldiss, Brian
A Soldier Erect, or Further Adventures of the Hand-Reared Boy
Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London

Aliph Cheem
Lays of Ind
Thacker, London

Alladin, Bilkiz
For the Love of a Begum: The Romantic Story of James Kirkpatrick

Allen, Charles
Soldier Sahibs: The Men Who Made The North-West Frontier
United Kingdom 1st Edition

Allen, Charles
Duel In The Snows: The True Story Of The Younghusband Mission To Lhasa
John Murray
ISBN 0-7195-5427 6

Allen, Charles
Plain Tales from the Raj (Pleasant Hill Library, CA)
Holt, Rinehart & Winston, New York

Allen, Charles
Raj – A Scrapbook of British India 1877-1947 (San Francisco Public Library)
St. Martin’s Press, New York

Allen, Charles
Tales from the Dark Continent

Allen, Joan
Missy Baba´ to ´Burra Mem´: The Life of a Planter´s Daughter in Northern India, 1913 – 1970
Putney, London

Alter, James Payne
In the Doab and Rohilkhand: North Indian Christianity 1815-1915

Alter, Stephen
Neglected Lives
Andre Deutsch, London

Alter, Stephen
Silk and Steel
Penguin, Ringwood

Anderson, Philip
The English in Western India (2nd rev. ed.)
Smith, Elder & Co., London

Andrews, C.F.
The Renaissance in India; Its Missionary Aspect
Church Missionary Society, London

Andrews, C.F.
The True India: A Plea for Understanding
George Allen & Unwin, London

Andrews, W.E.
Major General Claud Martin

Angadi, Patricia
The Done Thing
Orion Publishing Company
ISBN: 0575037814
December 31, 1986

Anthony, Frank
Britain´s Betrayal in India: The Story of the Anglo-Indian Community (Calif. State Univ. Hayward & Long Beach Libraries)
Allied Publishers, Bombay

Archer, Major
Early Views of India
Thames & Hudson, UK

Archer, Major
Tours in Upper India and Parts of the Himalaya Mountains (2 volumes)
Richard Bentley, London

Arnold, Sue
A Burmese Legacy (Fordham Univ. Library, New York)
Hodder and Stoughton, Ltd., London

Arnott, Peter
More Impertinence

Ashton, Stephen
The British in India: From Trade to Empire (Mid-Continent Public Library, MO)
B.T. Batsford, Ltd., London

Asiatic Journal
Anglo-India, Social, Moral, and Political Being: A Collection of Papers from the Asiatic Journal Three Volumes (Athenean Library)
Wm. H. Allen & Co., London

Aspinall, Arthur
Cornwallis in Bengal (Publication No.60, in the Manchester Univ. Historical Series)
Manchester University Press

Atkinson, George F.
Curry and Rice on Forty Plates (Univ. of Calif. Berkeley Library)
W. Thacker & Co. London

Auber, Peter
An Analysis of the Constitution of the East India Company and of the Laws Passed by Parliament
Kingsbury, Parbury & Allen, London

Auber, Peter
Rise and Progress of the British Power in India (2 volumes)
Wm. H. Allen, London

Austin, Ian
City of Legends: The Story of Hyderabad
Viking Press, India

Australian AI Association,Inc.
Bringing Generations Together
Austalian AI Association Inc. Perth

Bagley, Christopher
The Dutch Plural Society: A Comparative Study in Race Relations
Oxford University Press, London

Baird-Murray, Maureen
A World Overturned, A Burmese Childhood 1933-1947 (University of Michigan Library)
Constable & Co., Great Britain

Ballhatchet, Kenneth
Race, Sex and Class under the Raj: Imperial Attitudes and Policies and Their Crities 1793-1905 (Calif. State Univ. Fresno Library)
Weidenfeld and Nicholson, London

Bamfield, Veronica
On the Strength: The Story of the British Army Wife

Bannerjee, Anil C.
Constitutional History of India
MacMillan Company of India

Bannerjee, S.N.
A Nation in Making
Oxford University Press, Bombay

Barber, Noel
The Black Hole of Calcutta

Barlow, Glyn
The Story of Madras
Oxford Univ. Press, London

Baron, Archie
AN INDIAN AFFAIR: From Riches To Raj

Product Description A fresh perspective on Britain’s relationship with India, this work suggest that far from being an imperialist objective, it seems the footholds on which india was established as a colony happened by accident rather than by design. This book examines India both before the Raj and throughout. It attempts to show that the British were actually more influenced by India and their traditions than the other way around.

About the Author Archie Baron is an award-winning TV producer, his past credits include People’s Century for BBC 1 and the Leviathan history series for BBC 2.

Sidgwick & Jackson
ISBN: 0752261606
ISBN-13: 978-0752261607
December 2001

Barr, Pat
The Dust in the Balance: British Women in India 1905-1945
Hamish Hamilton

Barr, Pat
The Memsahibs: The Women of Victorian India.
Secker & Warburg, London

Barr, Pat & Ray Desmond
Simla: A Hill Station in British India.
Scolar Press, New York

Barry, A.
England’s Mission in India
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London

Basham, A.L.
The Wonder That Was India

Basil, Anne
Armenian Settlements in India (Univ. of Calif. Library)
Armenian College, West Bengal India

Basu, Major B. D.
The Colonization of India by Europeans
R. Chatterjee, Calcutta

Bates, H.E.
The Scarlet Sword
Transworld, London

Baxter, Paul & Sansome, Basil (eds.)
Race and Social Difference
Penguin, Ringwood

Baxter, Walter
Look Down In Mercy
Putnam Publishers
ASIN: B0006AT01E

Bayly, C.A. (Ed.)
The Raj: India and the British: 1600-1947

Beames, John
Memoirs of a Bengal Civilian

Bearce, George D.
Brittish Attitudes Towards India: 1784-1858
Oxford Univ. Press, London

Beattie, Malcolm Hamilton
On The Hooghly

Belcher & Williamson
Migration within the Empire

Bell, A.
Report of the Military Male Orphan Asylum at Madras
John Murry, London

Bell, Evans
The English in India (Letters from Nagpur)
J. Chapman, London

Bellew, M.W.
Memoirs of a Griffin: or A Cadet’s First Year in India
W.H. Allen, London

Bence-Jones, Mark
The Viceroys of India

Bennet, A.
Ten Months of Captivity
The 19th Century Press

Bernier, Francois
Travels in the Mogul Empire, A.D. 1656-1668 (translated on the basis of Irving Brock’s version & annotated by Archibald Constable [1891], 2nd ed. rev. by Vincent A. Smith)
Oxford University Press

Berry, B.
Race and Ethnic Relations
Houghton Mifflin, Boston

Berry, John
Flight of White Crows (San Francisco Public Library)
The Macmillan Co., NY

Bevan, Major H.
Thirty Years in India or A Soldier’s Reminiscences of Native & European Life in the Presidencies from 1808-1838
Pelham Richardson, London (2 vols)

Bey, Aleph
That Eurasian: A Story of India (Univ. Texas Arlington Library)
F. Tennyson Neely, New York

Bhasin, Raja
Simla – The Summer Capital of British India
Viking, New Delhi

Bhatnagar, Satish
Bright Renown, La Martiniere College Lucknow 1845-1995
La Martiniere College, Lucknow

Biddulph, John
The Pirates of Malabar
Smith Elder & Co., London

Bidwell, Shelford
Swords for Hire: European Mercenaries in Eighteenth-Century India
John Murray, London

Birjepatil, Jaysinh
Chinnery’s Hotel
Chinnery’s Hotel exists in a moment of time and in its garden gone to seed, history’s glimpses and rumours continue to interest long after its guests have checked out never to return. The interplay between memory and change, nostalgia and reality gives a special flavour to this work of fiction….Sudeshna Chakravarti, Professor of English, Calcutta University.
Ravi Dayal Publishers, New Delhi

Biswas, Nirendra Kumar
A Living Witness: St. James’ Delhi
St. James Church of North India, Delhi

Blackford, Capt. Stan
One Hell of a Life! An Anglo-Indian Wallah´s Memoir From the Last Decades of the Raj
*Now in its 16th Reprint*.
Stanley Tridon Blackford, Australia
ISBN 0646391046

Blaise, Clark & Bharati Mukherjee
Days and Nights in Calcutta
Doubleday & Co., New York

Blanch, Lesley
The Nine Tiger Man: A Tale of Low Behaviour in High Places (San Francisco Public Library)
Atheneum, New York, NY

Blankenhagen, Audrey
The Curse Of Kali
Ingram’s Books in Print Database

Blechynden, Kathleen
Calcutta: Past and Present (University of Minnesota Library)
Surajit C. Das, Calcutta

Blunt, Alison
Domicile and Diaspora: Anglo-Indian Women and the Spatial Politics of Home
Blackwell Publishers
ISBN 1405100559

Blunt, Alison
Travelling Home and Empire: British Women in India: 1857-1939
The Guilford Press, New York

Blunt, E.A.B.
Christian Tombs and Monuments in United Province
Allahabad, W.C. Abel Govt. Press, United Kingdom

Blunt, Edward
The I.C.S., The Indian Civil Services
Faber & Faber, Ltd., London

Blunt, W.S.
Indian Under Ripon (A Private Diary)
Leipsic, T.F., London

Bolt, Christine
Victorian Attitudes to Race
Routledge & Kegan Paul, London

Bolts, William
Considerations on Indian Affairs
J. Alman, London

Bond, Ruskin
The Room On The Roof

Bond, Ruskin
The Rupa Book of Shikar Stories
Rupa Publications, India ISBN 81 2910358-3

Bond, Ruskin
Delhi Is Not Far
Penguin Books India
ISBN: 0670049549
New Edition
January 2003

Bond, Ruskin
Time Stops At Shamli & Other Stories
Penguin Books USA
ISBN: 0140128425
1st Edition January 1989

Bond, Ruskin
Rupa Book of True Tales of Mystery & Adventure
Rupa & Co.
ISBN: 8129101793
January 1, 2003

Bond, Ruskin
Ghost Stories From The Raj
Rupa & Co.
ISBN: 8171679927
January 1, 2002

Bond, Ruskin
Indian Railway Stories
South Asia Books; 1 edition
ISBN: 0140240667
May 1, 1994

Bond, Ruskin
The Adventures of Rusty
New Delhi: National Book Trust, India Illustrated by Suddhasattwa Badu

Bond, Ruskin & Saili, Ganesh
Mussoorie: Jewel of the Hills Classic India
Rupa & Co., New Delhi

Booth, Martin
Carpet Sahib (A Life of Jim Corbett)
Oxfrod Univ. Press, Delhi

Boothby, Guy
My Indian Queen
Ward Lock

Bose, Subhas Chandra
The Indian Struggle, 1920-1942
Asia Publishing House, Bombay, NY

Bower, J.A.H.
Ambition Mocked our Useful ToilAutobiographical Sketches and Musings of Anglo-Indian Problems (The British Library – Oriental & India Office Collections)
G. Claridge & Co., Bombay

Bowles, Cynthia
At Home In India
Publishers: Harcourt, Brace & Company, New York

Boxer, C.R.
A Pelican Book Seaborne Empire 1415-1825
Penguin Books, London

Boyd, W.C. & I. Assimore
Races and People
Abelard-Schuman, New York

Braddon, E.N.
Life in India

Bradley, Birt
Poems of Henry Louis Vivian Derozio, with an Introduction
Oxford University Press

Braga-Blake, M.
Singapore Eurasians: Memories and Hopes

Brata, Sasthi
India: The Perpetual Paradox
Rupa & Co.

Braun, J.Chloe & Rebeiro, Lynette
Blind Spot
J. Chlöe Braun and Lynette Rebeiro have teamed up to write a crime mystery featuring police detective Hugh Walters, formerly of Calcutta, now retired in the Himalayan town of Darjeeling. Readers will be engrossed from almost the first page and it will be hard to put the book down. The multi-dimensional characters will hold you spellbound, drawing you deeply into their entangled lives of secrets and deceit, keeping you reading well into the night!
For more information on how to obtain an autographed copy of the book, and to read an excerpt, please visit Contact the authors at
October 2006

Brendon, Vyvyen
Children Of The Raj
EXTRACT: The children of the Raj are legion, yet their story has never previously been told. Like Katie Hickman’s ‘Daughters of Britannia’ it is dramatic and traumatic involving dangerous voyages, vivid experiences in exotic places and profound emotions springing from the sudden, unexplained and lengthy separation of children from their parents.
Orion Publishing Company
ISBN: 0297847295
July 31, 2005

Brennam, Jennifer
Curries and Bugles – A Memoir and a Cookbook of the British Raj
Harper Collins, New York

Bristow, Brigadier R.C.B.
Memories of the British Raj – Soldier in India
Johnson, London

Bristow, Robert, Charles
Memories Of The British Raj: A Soldier In India
Johnson Publishers
January 1974

Bromfield, Louis
Night in Bombay
Grosset and Dunlap, NY

Bromfield, Louis
The Rains Came
Cassell, London

Brookes, Stephen
Through The Jungle of Death: A Boy’s Escape From Wartime Burma
John Wiley & Sons

Broome, Captain Arthur
History of the Rise and Progress of the Bengal Army
Sanders, Cones & Co., Calcutta

Broomehead, W.C.
A Short Account of the Lives of Bishops of India

Brown, A.C.
An Ordinary Man’s India

Brown, Ashley
On the Bombay Cost and Deccan
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London

Brown, Augustus S.
At Midnight Comes the Killer
Thacker Spink & Co., Calcutta

Brown, Hilton
The Sahibs: The Life and the Ways of the British in India as Recorded by Themselves (San Francisco State Univ. Library)
William Hodge & Co., London

Brown, Judith
Modern India: The Origins of an Asian Democracy
Oxford Univ. Press, NY

Brown, Melvyn
Anglo-Indian Quiz Book
Anglo-Indian, the Newsletter, Calcutta

Brown, Melvyn
An Introduction to Anglo-Indian History
Melvyn Brown, West Bengal

Brown, Melvyn
The Melvyn Brown Encyclopedia Anglo-Indian
Anglo-Indian, the Newsletter, Calcutta

Brown, Melvyn
Social Anthropology of the Anglo-Indian Race
Melvyn Brown, Calcutta

Brown, Melvyn
Woman Beyond Compare: The Life of Mary Ward
AFJ Apostolate of the Word

Brown, Melvyn
World Famous Lovers (Biographies)
Sterling Publ., New Delhi

Brown, Melvyn
The Anglo-Indian Archives The Anglo-Indian Book for the Millennium
Melvyn Brown

Brown, Patricia
Anglo-Indian Food and Customs
Penguin (India), New Delhi

Browne, F.
Hockey: The Game That Grows
Patterson Brokensha Pty. Ltd., Perth

Bruce, H.
The Eurasians
John Long

Bruce, John (pseud.)
Annals of the Honourable East-Indian Company (3 volumes)
Cox, Son & Baylis, London

Brush, Stanley E.
Farewell The Winterline: Memories of a Boyhood in India
Chipkali Productions Website:

Buchanan, Rev. Claudius
Colonial Ecclesiastical Establishment
Cadell & Davies, London

Buchanan, Rev. Claudius
Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Rev. Claudius Buchanan (Ed. by Hugh Pearson)
Samuel T. Armstrong, Boston

Buckland, C.E.
Dictionary of Indian Biography
Sonnenschein, London

Buckland, C.J.
Sketches of Social Life in India

Buettner, Elizabeth
Empire Families: Britons And The Late Imperial India
Excerpt from the book……
By the last decades of British rule, individuals of mixed British and Indian ancestry were rarely the children of European men and Indian women, more commonly having either two Anglo-Indian parents, or alternatively one Anglo-Indian and one European parent.

Partly because India did not count among the overseas imperial destinations Britain promoted as appropriate for permanent white settlement, however, those who lost touch with Britain were commonly equated with the racially mixed by colonial elites. Regardless of their actual ancestry, they experienced the same disadvantages as the Anglo-Indian community, in effect falling outside the bounds of whiteness with its many attendant privileges. More affluent Britons in India who counted themselves among the temporary sojourners practised a form of what John Hartigan has termed ‘intraracial othering’ with reference to the contemporary United States, in this instance by consigning domiciled Europeans to a racial category deemed inferior because of their inferior class status and geographical rootedness in the subcontinent.

Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0 19 9249075

Bulley, Anne
Free Mariner
BACSA Publications, Putney, London, UK

Burchett, W.G.
Trek Back from Burma (San Francisco State Univ. Library)
Kitabistan, Allahabad

Burchett, W.G.
Bombs over Burma
F.W. Cheshire, Pty. Ltd., Melbourne

Burke, Sir Bernard & Ashworth, P.
A Geneological and Heraldic History of the Peerage & Baronetage (Ed. by A. Wonthrop Thrope) (8th ed)
Burke Publishing Co., London

Burnell, John
Bombay in the Days of Queen Anne, Being an Account of the Settlement
Hakluyt Society, London

Burton, David
The Raj at Table: A Culinary History of British India
Faber & Faber, London

Burton, Richard F.
Goa and the Blue Mountains
Richard Bentley, London

Busteed, H.E.
Echoes of Old Calcutta: Being Chiefly Reminisences of the Days of Warren Hastings, Francis and Impey (2nd. ed) (Cal State Hayward Library)
Thacker, Spink & Co. Calcutta

Butler, James
Incense and Innocents (About Catholic Boarding Schools in India)
The Book Guild Ltd.

Cain, Alex M.
The Cornchest for Scotland Scots in India (General Library – UC Berkeley)
National Library of Scotland, D3 Edinburgh

Cambell, W.
British India

Campbell, Christy
The Maharajah´s Box: An Imperial Story of Conspiracy, Love and a Guru´s Prophecy
Harper Collins, London

Campos, Joachim Joseph A.
A History of the Portuguese in Bengal (Stanford University Library)
Butterworth & Co., Calcutta

Candlin, Enid Saunders
A Travelers Tale, Memories of India
MacMillan Pub Co., New York

Caplan, Lionel
Children of Colonialism: Anglo-Indians in a Postcolonial World
Berg Publishers
ISBN: 1859736327

Cardew, Sir Alexander
Hodson’s Horse, 1857-1922

Cardew, Sir Alexander
The White Mutiny. A Forgotten Episode in the History of the Indian Army. (San Francisco Public Library)
Constable & Co., London

Carey, W.H.
The Good Old Days of Honorable John Company(Ed. by Amendra Nath Mookerji) (2nd ed.)
Quins Book Co., Calcutta

Carter, Lionel
Mountbatten’s Report On The Last Viceroyalty

Cartwright, Jill
The Garlands Of Rampur
Pentland Press

Castle, Dennis
Run Out the Raj: A Novel
Constable & Co. Ltd., London

Cathcart, M.
A Tale of Early English Settlers

Cecil, Dr. Ivy
Such A Vision Of The Street
Sidgewick & Jackson, London

Chailley, Joseph
Administrative Problems of British India (Trans. by William Meyer)
Macmillan & Co., London

Chakrabarty, Moushumi
Moushumi grew up in Poona, India and now makes her home in Mississauga, Ontario as well as on the Internet. She has been writing for over a decade with stints as a reporter and writer for a daily newspaper and a travel trade journal.
Fighting For Women´s Rights: The Extraordinary Adventures of Anna Leonowens
From her time growing up in India and the Royal Court of Siam, Anna (made famous as the “I” in the movie The King and I) developed a fiercely independent nature that she brought with her to North America. As a well-known author, Anna toured America landing in Halifax where she single-handedly created an art school for girls — later to become the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. She devoted most of her life to the fight for women’s rights.

Prologue The trembling figure of the richly clad royal lady lay on the palace floor. Little Wanne, the princess, sobbed at the sight of her prostrate mother. She knew something terrible was about to happen. Princess Wanne’s mother, Lady Khoon Chom Kioa, had become so addicted to gambling that she had gambled away one of her daughter’s servants. The little princess was so distraught that the king soon heard about the incident. He was furious and had summoned the lady to the audience hall to be sentenced for her offence, the violation of a taboo. From his high golden throne, King Maha Mongkut of Siam uttered a harsh command. The entire court held its breath. Anna’s eyes were wide with fear and she could feel Louis’s fingers clutching at her skirts convulsively. Time hung suspended among the ornate chandeliers in the room. The cooling breeze that came in from the windows overlooking the bamboo groves suddenly stopped. Even the chattering monkeys swinging around the palace gardens seemed to have disappeared. Suddenly, the huge wooden doors swung open, and two hefty women with evil-looking whips entered. Anna looked on in horror. The two chastisers bowed low to the king. Then, faces impassive, they advanced towards the terrified woman on the floor. The king abruptly nodded, his face black with fury. With a sudden jerk, the whips sang through the air. In a second, the floor beside the writhing woman turned red. Blood seeped through her blouse as it was torn open and the skin on her back parted. Lady Khoon Chom Kioa was left lying on the floor in agony. And Anna was forever changed.

Altitude Publishing, Alberta, Canada
ISBN: 1554390052
September, 2005

Chakravarty, Gautam
Indian Mutiny and the British Imagination
ISBN: 0521832748

Chamberlain, M.E.
Britain and India: The Interaction of Two Peoples
David & Charles, Newton Abbot

Chatterton, Eyre
A History of the Church of England in India
Soc. for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, Lond.

Chattopadhyay, A.K.
Slavery in the Bengal Presidency 1772-1843

Chaudhuri, Nirad C.
The Continent of Circe: An Essay on the Peoples of India
Chatto & Windus, London

Chockoalingam, Pillaiv
The Origins of the Indo-Europeans and Peoples
The Palamcottah Printing Press, Palamcottah

Chota, Sahib
India in the Melting Pot (San Diego State Univ. Library)

Choudhuri, S. R.
English Historical Writings on the Indian Mutiny, 1857-1859
World, Calcutta

Choudhuri, S. R.
Henry Derozio, Eurasian Poet and Reformer
Metropolitan, Calcutta

Clarke, T.G.
The Fortunes of the Anglo-Indian Race are Consideration Retrospectively & Prospectively (At one time senior magistrate of Madras)
Higginbotham and Co., Madras, 2nd ed.

Clay, John
John Masters: A Regimented Life
Michael Joseph Limited, London

Cleeve, Roger
The Toad Beneath the Harrow
George Allen & Unwin Ltd., London

Cleeve, Roger
The Last Long Journey
Scribners, New York

Clemons, Mrs. Major
The Manners and Customs of Society in India

Cleverley, Barbara
The Last Kashmiri Rose
Dell Books
ISBN: 0440241561

Cleverley, Barbara
Ragtime In Simla
Constable & Robinson, London

Cleverly, Barbara
The Palace Tiger

From Publishers Weekly Starred Review. The fourth Joe Sandilands whodunit (after 2004´s The Damascened Blade) places Cleverly in the first rank of historical mystery writers; with each successive novel, she has displayed an increasingly impressive ability to depict a convincing, three-dimensional colonial India through the perspective of her rugged, insightful sleuth, who balances acumen and action. This time, Sandilands, a Scotland Yarder whose temporary posting to the Raj keeps getting extended, investigates the death of an Indian royal prince. As the maharajah, the dead man´s father, is himself in failing health, and the future leadership of his domain is of vital importance to the British, Sandilands must ascertain whether foul play was involved. But as soon as Sandilands arrive on the scene, the next heir to the throne falls victim to a fatal accident. The detective divides his attention between unraveling the hidden alliances within the royal family and seeking to protect the maharajah´s third son, the new presumptive heir. Cleverly´s trademark twisty plotting rises to new heights, and while the clues are all hidden in plain sight, even veteran mystery readers may find it a considerable challenge to arrive at the correct solution. As the author´s research and period detail are exemplary, this should have crossover appeal to Paul Scott readers and others fascinated with the waning years of the British Raj. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. –This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Delta Publishing
ISBN: 0385340095
July 2006

Cleverly, Barbara
The Damascened Blade

From Publishers Weekly Devotees of classic Golden Age whodunits will delight in British author Cleverly’s third Joe Sandilands mystery set in India in 1922; it evokes, and in some ways surpasses, the work of Agatha Christie. The resourceful and insightful Sandilands assumes a glorified babysitting assignment when a rich and attractive American heiress expresses a desire to tour India’s dangerous northwest frontier with Afghanistan during a period of heightened political tension. The heiress and Sandilands end up at a frontier outpost with a motley collection of companions—a Pathan prince and his kinsman, a female doctor en route to serve the amir ruling Afghanistan, a sleazy entrepreneur, an RAF pilot hoping to gain support for an increased military aerial presence and a veteran civil servant advocating a British retreat. When the prince is found dead, evidence suggesting foul play is suppressed. Sandilands is forced to act on his suspicions when the victim’s kinsman takes a hostage and imposes a one-week deadline for a solution to the crime. Cleverly does a masterful job of combining traditional puzzle elements, including false endings and subtle fair-play clues, with convincing period atmosphere and characters with more complexity and sophistication than Christie typically provided. This marvelous historical delivers on the promise of the author’s first two mysteries—The Last Kashmiri Rose (2002) and Ragtime in Simla (2003)—and should add to her growing U.S. fan base. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. –This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Delta Publishing
ISBN 038533950X
August 2005

Clive, William
Blood of an Englishman: A Novel of the Siege of Cawnpore
MacMillan Publishers, London

Clymer, Kenton, J.
Columbia University Press

Coates, W.H.
The Old Country Trade Of The East Indies
Cornmarket Press

Coatman, J.
India in 1925-26
Gov´t. of India, Central Publ. Branch, Calcutta

Coelho, Denise
Orchids and Algebra: The Story of Dow Hill School
Intech Graphics, Great Britain
ISBN 1869809009

Coelho, Denise
Bells Of Such Silence & Other Poems
Poetry One, Essex
United Kingdom

Coelho, Denise
However Measured The Drum
Intech Graphics
United Kingdom

Collier, Price
The West in the East From an American Point of View (San Francisco Public Library)
Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York

Collier, Richard
The Indian Mutiny
Fontana Books

Collins, Larry & LaPierre Dominique
Freedom At Midnight
ISBN 0 00 216055 2

Commissariat, M. S.
Mandelslo’s Travels in Western India (A.D. 1638-9)
Humphrey Milford, London

Compton, Herbert
Indian Life in Town and Country
G. P. Putnam’s Sons, NY

Compton, Herbert
A Particular Account of the European Military Adventures of Hindustan From 1784-1803
T. Fisher Unwin, London

Condor, Josiah
The Modern Traveller
Thomas Tegg & Son, London

Cooper, George & David Alexander
Bengal Sappers 1803 – 2003
Institution of Royal Engineers, Brompton Barracks, Chatham, Kent ME4 4UG
ISBN 0-903530-24-4

Copland, I.
Europe’s Great Game
Oxford Univ Press, Melbourne

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or write to: Hazel Innes Craig
53 Hill Rise, Rickmansworth, HERTS

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SCATTERED SEEDS: The Diaspora Of The Anglo-Indians
REVIEW By Lynne Rebeiro
“Scattered Seeds: The Diaspora of The Anglo-Indians”. By: Dorothy Dady

This book is about where we have come from and where we are going and all the memories in between. The photos that accompany the writings from Anglo-Indians all over the world, is the icing on the cake. Look at each photo and it is not hard to imagine the person speaking the words. This is what makes SCATTERED SEEDS as vivid as a screenplay.

It´s a different world we´re living in now. Freedom to live where we want and how we want is written across the pages. Dorothy Dady interviewed, photographed and told a story of our close relationship with India and Britain in this moving montage.

What particularly caught my attentive eye were the several forceful and fascinating women portrayed in this book. Dorothy Dady captured the best stories and emotionally connected with her sources, making the individual lives come alive with each new page.

A grand addition to your home library. A valuable pictorial history book to leave for my grandchildren.

Congratulations Dorothy the book is fascinating.

Pagoda Press Ltd; First Edition edition
ISBN-10: 0955612519
ISBN-13: 978-0955612510
9 Jul y, 2008

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Begums, Thugs And Englishmen: The Journals of Fanny Parkes
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A Land I Once Called Home
My thanks and primary acknowledgement must go to Australia, the most freedom loving country in the world today, where all individuals freely voice their opinions, straight from the heart and my greatly loved and appreciated home for well over three and a half decades. Having travelled to most countries of this world I believe I can claim to have acquired the expertise to appreciate basic intrinsic values. The generosity of individuals in Australia is legendary and my loyalty lies in this wonderful country. Having said that, it does not alter my immense love for India, the land of my birth: A Land I Once Called ‘Home.’

It has been a lifetime quest for me, to obtain a true and accurate picture of events that shaped India; and of, contemporary events throughout the world that I believe dictated the vicissitudes of life in India. Many events will be recounted. Some readers may question the inclusion of some of the topics, others may object to, or wish for greater detail. Although some passages may appear too lengthy, abstract and religious, several academics, after previewing this story have extolled the content. However, no author can please every reader and I recognize my limitations.

Many anecdotes in this story are peripheral to India; but all are indirectly connected.

The reader needs forbearance in perusing and assimilating them. To the average reader the content of the anecdotes will appear bewildering, all readers will be shocked and astonished, but most anecdotes highlight unique facets that specifically pertain to India and some lend immense entertainment.

Self-Published, Caversham, Western Australia

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Garden Graves and Isolated Cemeteries in North Bihar
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Haunting India

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Social Background of Indian Nationalism
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In the Days of the Company
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A Narrative of the Campaign in India
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Elephants Footprints
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ISBN: 1846851882
Editorial Reviews

BBC radio – An exceptional and extraodinary story

Book Description
Tea in fine china cups, cricket on the lawn…. life for the British in colonial India before Independence was one of quintessential existence. For me, a drunken father and a mother’s betrayal turned that life into one of deprivation…violence, begging in the streets, massacres and slaughters as life in the mystique East moved into a new era.

Seeking solace, I travelled across the divides of the Far and Middle East to England where I faced an even bigger challenge.

From the Author This is a book that has been evolving for 30 years with never the full story revealed before…the past too raw and too many bitter memories. Originally planned as a legacy for family only, I decided to publish it so others could share the story.

April 2006

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Candles in the Wind
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Captain Desmond, V.C., the Great Amulet
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Far to Seek
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I Keep and Pass

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Singing Brown

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Sun Gonna Shine

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Golden Interlude
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India and the Passing of Empire
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Duncan, Glen
The Bloodstone Papers…….. PRESS RELEASE
From one of Britain´s most acclaimed psychological novelists, a tale of a young man trapped in his family´s past in one of the first novels to bring the Anglo-Indian experience to the literary table. The Bloodstone Papers is to the Anglo-Indian experience what Hari Kunzru´s The Impressionist is to the Pakistani experience.

India, the 1940s: a time of political turmoil and violence; a country on the verge of its tryst with destiny. Ross Monroe is a boxer, a Catholic and an Anglo-Indian – part of the race which for years has run the administrative side of the Raj for the British. From the brutal boarding school of his childhood, through youth in the Indian Air Force and manhood on the Railways, Ross is sustained by a single dream: to box his way to Olympic victory – until a devastating betrayal by an Englishman sends him into exile, and an obsession which will change his life forever…

In present-day England, Owen Monroe, aspiring novelist, is writing the story of his father´s life in an attempt to avoid confronting the problems in his own. But family chronicle turns to amateur sleuthing when a chance discovery in a second-hand bookshop provides a clue to the whereabouts to his father´s long-lost enemy. The quest that follows takes Owen through the secrets of the Monroe past and into a love affair he could never have thought possible…

The Bloodstone Papers pits memory against fiction, love against loss and the certainties of past against the ambiguities of the present – but at its core remains a testament to history´s ability, whether we like it or not, to catch up with us. It is a major achievement from one of Britain´s most acclaimed psychological novelists.

Glen Duncan´s previously acclaimed novels are I, LUCIFER, LOVE REMAINS, HOPE, WEATHERCOCK and DEATH OF AN ORDINARY MAN. He lives in South London.

For further information, please contact Hannah Corbett on 020 7316 1942 /
June 19, 2006

Durant, Will
The Case for India (Santa Clara University Library)
Simon & Schuster, New York

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Calcutta: The Living City
Oxford Univ. Press, London

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In Search of a Homeland: Anglo-Indians and McCluskiegunj
Minerva Associates, Calcutta

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European Social Life in 19th Century Calcutta
Minerva, Calcutta

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Sex Ways, In Fact and Faith; Bases for Christian Family Policy
Association Press, New York

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Molly and the Rajah Race, Romance and the Raj
Australian Mauritian Press

Dyson, Ketaki Kushari
A Various Universe: A Study of the Journals & Memoirs of British Men & Women in the Indian Subcontinent, 1856-1965
Oxford Univ. Press, Delhi

D´Cruz, Glenn
Midnight´s Orphans: Anglo-Indians In Post/Colonial Literature
Anglo-Indians are the human legacy of European colonialism. These descendants of European men and Indian women regularly appear as disconsolate and degenerate figures in colonial and postcolonial literature, much to the chagrin of contemporary Anglo-Indians. Many significant writers, such as Rudyard Kipling, Maud Diver, John Masters, Salman Rushdie and Hari Kunzru, have created Anglo-Indian characters to represent the complex racial, social and political currents of India’s colonial past and postcolonial present.

This book is the first detailed study of Anglo-Indians in literature. Literature

Peter Lang AG
International Academic Publishers
ISBN: 0-8204-8039-8

Harrison, Mark & Rosenberg Charles
Public Health in British India: Anglo-Indian Preventive Medicine 1859-1914
N/A ISBN: 0521466881