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Sun, 28 Mar 2010
Subject: Can you help us please?
From: thomas.abraham77@gmail.com

I went to school in the Nilgiris at a school called Laidlaw Memorial School /St. George’s Homes in Ketti and I am looking for alumni from that school.

I have lived in Atlanta, Georgia since 1988. I edited a newsletter for the alumni from 1979-1986. We have a website for the alumni – Laidlaw Alumni/Old Georgians- www.oldgeorgians.com, one for the school – School website- www.laidlawschool.org and now on Facebook. I manage the Facebook page. Can you post the following where you deem appropriate please?

Did you go to school in Ketti?
Check this link please. We are on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Laidlaw-Memorial-SchoolSt-Georges-Ketti-643215/103935156393

1210+ people joined us since July 1st, 2009. Experience Ketti in the photos we have posted here… Please register at www.oldgeorgians.com. This is the Laidlaw Alumni website. We have 1000+ people registered there.

We need to compile a master database of all old students from Laidlaw/St. George’s by batch. School website – www.laidlawschool.org

Our school and our Principal -Winston Gardner were on the cover of Anglos In the Wind recently. I was honored to review a copy today when an Old Georgian from UK- Glenn Rapson was visiting Atlanta.


Mrs D Silva’s Detective Instincts and the Shaitan of Calcutta
12th June 2009
Paperback Original 8.99
ISBN 978 1906998 011
An exciting debut novel of murder and picnics, romance and railways, and revolution in the heart of 1960s Anglo-India


Joan D Silva is a widowed school teacher, mother of ten-year-old Errol and the finest fish molu cook in 1960s Calcutta. She enjoys bustling coffee houses of Chowringhee Road, dances at the Grand Hotel and the vibrancy of a new burgeoning India. But when Errol stumbles upon the dead body of one of Joan’s former students at a picnic on the banks of the Hooghly river, she is determined to find out why she died. Joan’s detective instincts lead her into the dangerous underground world of corruption, violence, and revolution to unravel the secret of the deadly Shaitan threatening the people of Calcutta.

Set in the Anglo-Indian community of Calcutta, Glen Peters captures the culture and traditions of a society struggling to find its place in a newly independent India. Growing civil unrest and the rise of the communist Naxalite threat to India’s fledgling democracy forms a poignant backdrop that resonates with the current violent protests enacted by the Naxalites during India’s 2009 elections.

Glen Peters was born in Allahabad to family from Lucknow in India. He spent his childhood living in a railway colony near Calcutta before emigrating to London with his family in the 1960s. He attended university and worked as an engineer before joining an international accounting firm. He is founder of Project Rhosygilwen, a Pembrokeshire-based rural arts regeneration venture.

For further information and to talk to Glen Peters please contact Bethan Jones at MGA
Tel: 020 7836 4774 Email: parthian@mga-pr.com
Website: shaitan.org.uk/

The Way We Are An Anglo-Indian Mosaic

Here we are again. The Way We Are (TWWA) edited by Lionel Lumb and Deborah Van Veldhuizen is the fifth in our CTR Books series on the culture and way of life of Anglo-Indians. TWWA judges selected 43 entries whose authors were distributed as follows: USA 14; Canada 11; Australia 7; UK – 6; New Zealand 3; India 1; and Hong Kong 1. Isn’t that amazing? And the common element is the Anglo-Indian today.

As our editor Lionel Lumb says, Put to rest are all the old calumnies of a shiftless people, drifters dependent on the goodwill of a colonial power and uncertain about their place in the world. Indeed, these pages reveal the world is ours, as we bring the strengths of our multicultural heritage to light the way for the increasingly diverse societies in which we’ve settled.

The gross proceeds of all sales go to CTR Inc the charity helping less fortunate Anglo-Indians in India.


Blair Williams, Publisher, July 2008
CTR Inc., NJ, USA. blairrw@att.net
Pricing: $ 18.00 in USA, Canada and Australia; L10.00 in UK. Note postage for two, outside the USA, is the same as for one. Order from our website http://www.blairrw.org/ctr/index.php

Following Anglo-Indians. Vanishing remnants of a bygone era; Haunting India; Voices on the Verandah, and The Way We Were


PLEASE CHECK OUT DOROTHY DADY’s Website, link given below. Amazing photography in her new book “Scattered Seeds: A Diaspora Of The Anglo-Indians”. Images and commentaries from Anglo-Indians around the globe.


The Heritage Centre website address is:


Check out the new TILJALLAH WEBSITE easy to navigate, and plenty of information. The Books section is very insightful, website address is: http://www.blairrw.org/ctr/index.php

Calcutta Tiljallah Relief, Inc.
(An IRS Approved, Not-for-Profit Organization)
PO Box 6345, Monroe Twp, NJ 08831, USA
In Canada: Yvonne Peters, 51 Brock Av., Toronto, ON M6K 2L3, Canada
In the UK: Jean Chambers, Solent Breezes, Warsash,
In Australia: Marilyn Goss, 26 Kyarra Rd., (incomplete); Glen Iris, Melbourne, Vic 3146; Cheryl Chater, 19 Parkland Avenue, Punchbowl, NSW 2196; Jenny Busby, 9 Frew Court, Bayswater, WA 6053
In India: Joanne Gardner, Laidlaw Memorial, Ketti, Tamil Naidu 643215

November, 2006


We’re happy to report that CTR, now in its ninth year (yes, nine) is alive, well, and on the move! To recap: In 1998, after IRS approval, our first project paid monthly pensions to 20 seniors. Today we are providing help to more than 265 seniors in four cities. In addition, we are educating over 90 children as day scholars in three cities and 57 boarders in two cities. (Please see our website for details of who, where, and how much. Annual income and expenditure are included.) May we encourage you, our patrons, to check out any of our projects when you visit India. You will find it an unforgettable experience, one that will, assuredly, show you that your patronage is being put to good use. We would welcome a more activist approach from you’for instance, bright ideas for new ways to fund-raise, beyond solicitation.

The big event of the year was the September release of CTR’s latest publication, The Way We Were, in Toronto. This is one book that may, unquestionably, be judged by its cover, which perfectly illustrates both title and content. Do take a peek. We promise you won’t be disappointed. TWWW joins Anglo-Indians, Haunting India and Voices on the Verandah as a series documenting and preserving Anglo-Indian culture. Eleven of the contributors attended the launch and a writer’s lunch, traveling from distances as far removed as California, Washington State, and British Columbia. All in all, a most enjoyable and invigorating weekend. We are now into our fifth literary project, The Way We Are, which seeks to document how we live today, how our yesterdays have shaped us, who we have become. Do think about sending in an article. (Guidelines are on the website).

Having visited our projects in India earlier this year, I take pride in commenting here on CTR’s good fortune in its dedicated volunteers who, without monetary reward, are making a difference to distressed lives. They are true giver’s of time and of effort that is both physical and emotional, often in very difficult circumstances. And they are not alone in their giving. CTR is indebted to all those, outside India, who have helped it on its forward path, whether in a literary sense, in organizing fund-raisers, or in other ways. As we get older, we need to question what our lives are about, how much or how little we have given. As our volunteers will attest, helping others is especially rewarding and fulfilling.

Next year (August 11-18) there will an International Reunion of Anglo-Indians in Toronto. It promises to be an exciting meet that will bring together friends from all over the world to enjoy the social and cultural events that are being planned. It is gratifying that one of them will be Caring and Sharing. It will feature a discussion on what is being done to help the less fortunate world wide. If you come to the reunion, please consider attending this event.

Our thanks to all of you who have trusted and supported us through the years. We still have a way to go. But we are growing. If you know of Anglo-Indian hardship in any part of India not yet covered by CTR, do let us know. We will accommodate as many as we can. That, after all, is our mission.

Ellen and I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

Blair Williams
Email: blairrw@att.net
“Let us not grow weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap, if we do not lose heart.” (Galatians 6:9)
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