A unique insight into five generations of an Anglo-Indian family; an evocative memoir that stirs the imagination of the reader by bringing to life her grandmothers, their lifestyle and their recipes. It’s a story about these extraordinary ladies, who showed great foresight by sharing and passing their recipe book from one generation to the next…These were all ladies who were brought up during the reign of Queen Victoria and King George, fiercely loyal to their Queen (and King) and yet lived happily in their community in India, equally at home with making Yorkshire Pudding one day and a hot fiery Madras Curry the next.

As proud custodian of a recipe book that dates back to 1844, Jenny has managed to share with us a glimpse into a fascinating period of time in Indian history.

“A Grandmother’s Legacy: a memoir of five generations who lived through the days of the Raj” ISBN 9781504945790 is available to purchase worldwide on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Booktopia. Individual sale enquiries can also be made via email to the author directly at jennymallin@yahoo.com