What an amazing website, thank you Ravindra. Dear Readers: do take a look this is so informative and nostalgic, as a child living in India I loved the Stations, the trains and the teeming life around the station.

Ravindra’s memories ….I have been interested in railways, particularly steam trains, and the people who ran them, right since my childhood days. Now of course, I am settled in Nagpur, and besides trains, there are so many things to attend to. But railways and steam trains will always remain my first love. You will read more about me when you turn to my website.

During your childhood days, I am sure you must be coming to NGP often. My father had great tales to tell us about Gondia and Bhandara, where he lived. But the funniest place he would tell us about was Ramtek. There was a temple atop a hill in Ramtek, and Dad (who was only about 6-7 years old then) would go up the hill for a bit of fun, and pick berries (or some such fruit), and very soon, monkeys would crowd around him, seeing he was eating luscious berries — so Dad had to throw away the berries, lest the monkeys would come and get him !!

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