Call for Submissions

From the laughter and song of an animated gathering of friends, lounging on the verandah in the balmy evening air of early winter, to the clink of glasses, the pop of champagne corks and the shouts of celebration on a snowy New Years morning, the voices of Anglo-Indians are many, their experiences diverse. Many have stayed in India, while others have adopted new countries and cultures. Each has a story to tellsome are factual, while others are true in the way that only fiction can be. And, for all this diversity of personality, context and experience, the shared background of Anglo-India, and its cultural underpinnings, unite them all.

We are seeking stories, poems and creative non-fiction about the Anglo-Indian experience.

CTR Inc Publishing invites your submissions of fiction and creative non-fiction, of prose and poetry. Entries may be set against a backdrop of Anglo-Indian societyas it once was, as it stands today or as it may develop in the years to comeand must feature Anglo-Indian subjects, though not necessarily exclusively. We hope to capture the unique ambience of Anglo-Indian society in all its diversity, providing readers with insight into the culture and story of the Anglo-Indians, via the many different forms of creative narrative.

Submissions that are selected will be compiled and published in an anthology tentatively entitled More Voices on the Verandah, slated for publication by mid-to-late 2012. An honorarium of $35 will be paid for each piece selected.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions must be limited to 3000 words or fewer. Please note that submissions exceeding this length will not be considered.
  • The short stories, essays, anecdotes, memoirs or poems may be humorous or serious. We are looking for unique and fresh perspectives on Anglo-Indian society and people. Without limiting the possibilities of content, articles may feature a turning point in life arising out of choice or fate, the immigrant experience, some special (or typical) aspect of festive celebrations, as well as narratives that feature, as a backdrop, the traditions of hospitality, aptitudes, inclinations, and world views of Anglo-Indian culture, in all its variations.
  • With due respect, a submission should not consist entirely of a eulogy to a loved one. However, biographical/episodic sketches of an unforgettable Anglo-Indian character (funny, sad, fierce, strong-willed, or influential) that are woven into the content of a broader article are acceptable.
  • At our sole discretion, we will not consider material that is obscene or slanderous.
  • Articles may be written in the first person or third person. The writing style should be meticulously polished but easy to read, and entertaining enough to provoke and sustain interest.
  • All articles must carry the full name, postal address, e-mail and fax/phone number of the author. All submissions should be in Times New Roman, 12-point font (please, no fancy fonts or headings). If sent as an e-mail attachment, this should be in Microsoft Word. In order to ensure the authenticity of the attachment (as a way to distinguish from virus-embedded attachments that are often circulated), the subject heading must contain the words: More Voices on the Verandah.E-mailed articles should be sent to
  • Entry is not restricted to Anglo-Indians. Anyone may participate in More Voices on the Verandah, provided that the content depicts facets of the Anglo-Indian experience, and features Anglo-Indian characters or aspects of the culture.
  • There is a limit of two articles per writer.
  • All submissions must contain original material that has not been previously published or accepted for publication prior to June 30st 2011.
  • Every submission, whether via e-mail or by postal communication, must be accompanied by a cover letter incorporating the following statement (please cut and paste):

The author agrees to grant CTR Inc Publishing first publication rights for this article, on the agreement that, following publication of More Voices on the Verandah, all publishing rights will revert to the author. The author also agrees that the editors of Voices on the Verandah II will have the right to edit material in order to ensure textual cohesiveness and uniformity of syntax, style, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

As a courtesy, authors will receive a copy of the edited material for their review. While the editors, in their sole discretion, may accommodate minor textual amendments as suggested by an individual author, this is a one-time prerogative, and no further changes will be entertained.
This invitation will be valid from June 1st 2010 to June 30th 2011. Submissions received after June 30th 2011 will not be considered.

Every submission will be acknowledged. However, those that do not conform to length restrictions, or omit the above statement, or fail to comply with the above guidelines will be rejected without further consideration.

Thank you for participating. As in the case of Voices on the Verandah, The Way We Were, The Way We Are and Women of Anglo: Tales and Memoirs(targeted for publication in August 2010), we look forward to publishing an outstanding anthology on Anglo-Indian culture.

Blair Williams, CTR Inc Publishing, June 2010