Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010
Subject: A request – Documentary film about the story of Jazz in india

Hello ! I am making a documentary film about the Story of Jazz in India . It is a labor of love and my passion for jazz and is an attempt to capture times gone by and the musicians and atmosphere of a lost era. Calcutta in the 50´s and 60´s was the jazz center of India and is a signifcant visual element of this film. I am trying to locate photos and archival memorablia of that time, particularly photos of the grand night clubs of the city – Scherezade, Princes, Winter Garden, and the musicians and entertainers.

THe film trailer is available at the link below. I would very much appreciate being put in contact with any one you think might have a scrapbook of these memories.I would be particularly appreciative of locating any jazz musicians from Calcutta who might still have scrapbooks of their tenure.

many thanks
Susheel Kurien, New York, NY
+1 212 350 9398
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Susheel J. Kurien