Sun, 28 Mar 2010
Subject: Can you help us please?

I went to school in the Nilgiris at a school called Laidlaw Memorial School /St. Georges’s Homes in Ketti and I am looking for alumni from that school.

I have lived in Atlanta, Georgia since 1988. I edited a newsletter for the alumni from 1979-1986. We have a website for the alumni – Laidlaw Alumni/Old Georgians-, one for the school – School website- and now on Facebook. I manage the Facebook page. Can you post the following where you deem appropriate please?

Did you go to school in Ketti?
Check this link please. We are on Facebook

1210+ people joined us since July 1st, 2009. Experience Ketti in the photos we have posted here…. Please register at This is the Laidlaw Alumni website. We have 1000+ people registered there.

We need to compile a master database of all old students from Laidlaw/St. George’s by batch. School website – Our school and our Principal -Winston Gardner were on the cover of Anglos In the Wind recently. I was honored to review a copy today when an Old Georgian from UK- Glenn Rapson was visiting Atlanta.