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Updated April, 2011
MacIntyre, Major General D.Army
MacKenzie, CaptainSoldier
MacLean, Lieutenant H.L.S.Army
MacMillan, RobertSoldier
MacPherson, Captain HerbertSoldier
Macquarie, LachlanGovernor of New South Wales
Maddox, GeorgeRepresentative of the Indian National Congress
Magee, RogerHockey Player. Played Hockey for India approx. 8 years . He replaced The famous Ajit Pal Singh as India´s center half and played from Tamil Nadu. He was the Captain of the South Zone Universities Team. He toured Europe with the under 21s representing India, at the Bankok Asian Games, The Perth Esanda, one of the Olympics, and a host of other international games for India. He was state Tamil Nadu player for over a decade. He is now settled in Melbourne Australia.
Maguire, L.T.Lawyer
Maher, ReginaldAuthor
Mahon, Sergeant PatrickArmy
Malcolm, Major General Sir JohnWriter
Malcolmson, Captain J.G.Soldier
Malcolmson, Lieutenant A.J.Soldier
Mangles, Ross LouisSoldier
Manners-Smith, Lieutenant Colonel J.Soldier
Manser, F/O LeslieVictoria Cross (Posthumous) 50 Sqdrn. RAF.
F/O Manser was an ´old boy´ of Victoria School, Kurseong.
Killed in action May 30, 1942,br/>
Manuel, Phyllis PearsonEducationist (Calcutta)
Marissa, Sister T.Educationist (Calcutta)
MARTHINS, George, EricGeorge Eric Marthins was born at Madras, India on December 24th 1905.
He was educated at St. George's College, Mussoorie. His Alma Mater named a “House” in his honour in 1961. In 1925 while still considered a schoolboy, he joined the Posts and Tele
Martin, LanceBorn January 17, 1914. Chairman and Managing Director for many years of Gresham & Craven India (Private) Ltd., attaining the highest position ever held by an Anglo-Indian in India at a British company. Always helpful to all the clergy. Was President of the Catholic Association of Bengal. Served on the Advisory Board to the Archbishop of Calcutta along with Blessed Mother Teresa, a personal friend, who often asked his help in placing young men in employment, which he was always willing to do. "After all", he would say, "who could ever refuse Mother Teresa". Assisted many A-I lads by giving them employment. Was well loved by all his staff. Respected everyone regardless of their status in life and in turn was highly respected himself and known to many as "the perfect gentleman". Emigrated to the USA with his wife Esme, in 1971. Died October 19, 1992.
Martin, Lieutenant John ClaudeSoldier
Martin-Leake, A.Surgeon-Captain
Martindale, CommanderSoldier
Massey, Flt.Lieutenant Roy AndrewVir Chakra Award for Bravery
Masters, JohnWriter
Mathai, Dr. JohnMinister for Railways
Maxwell, Brigadier F.A.Army
Mayer, JohnnyViolinist
Mayo, ArthurMidshipman. Navy
McCalmont, CaptainSoldier
McCarthy-Anderson, DebraNovelist for Mills & Boon
McClintock, R.L., QV Own Sapers and MinersInventor. Stationed in Bangalore 1912 where he invented the "Bangalore Torpedo". Saw action in the Great War in Africa 1916, retired in 1923.
McCluskie, Timothy EarnestBusinessman; Philanthropist & Real Estate and Insurance Agent
McDonell, William FraserSoldier
McGovern, Sergeant JohnSoldier
McGowan, Major General JohnMajor McGowan was made a Major General on 10/06/1798. His father was Dr John McGowan who was made a Writer to the Signet (WS) on 24/01/1712. His mother was Margaret Borthwick and both her father (Francis Borthwick) and grandfather James Borthwick were Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. She was also the 8th great-granddaughter to Sir William 1st Lord Borthwick who himself was the Scottish Ambassador to England in 1459 and 1461.
McGready, Captain ColinBorn:1916 Deceased: 2007. Captain McGready commanded frigates and destroyers during his tenure in the Indian Navy. Early in 1951, with the gradual phasing out of British officers, Commander Colin McGready was the first officer of the Indian Navy to
McGuire, Sergeant J.Soldier
McInnes, Gunner HughArmy
McIntyre, KenImmigration Department Employee
McMahon, Air Marshall MichaelVice Chief of Air Staff, Indian Air Force
McMahon, DavidI am a Melbourne-based journalist and internationally-published photographer. My first novel, `Vegemite Vindaloo´, was published in April by Penguin Books India and has been on four bestseller lists. I was born and educated in India, where I finished high school at St Joseph´s College, North Point, Darjeeling and university at St Xavier´s College, Calcutta. I have lived in Australia for 19 years.
McNeill, Major General Sir J.C.Soldier
McPherson, Commander Hamish McgregorSoldier
McPherson, KenAcademician
Melliss, Major General Sir C.J.Soldier
Mendonca, ClemSoldier/Connoisseur/Ophthalmologist/Military Surgeon
Metcalfe, JamesSoldier
Metcalfe, Sir Charles P.Soldier
Metui, CaptainSoldier
Meynell, Captain GodfreySoldier
Micetich, Dr. Ronald, GeorgeAn Anglo-Indian born Canadian citizen, held a doctorate in Organic Chemistry Univ. of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. President & CEO SynPharm Laboratories, Edmonton. The man behind the discovery of Tazobactum & Mofezolac, popular in Japan for Osteoarthritis & Lumbago. Passed away November 23, 2005. Everyone he met was touched by his contagious smile & generous nature.....Celine Reghelini
Michael, A.L. AVSMAirman. 1971 India-Pakistan War Hero
Middlecoat, Mervyn, L.PAF Fighter Pilot, Winner of Sitara-i-Jurat (DFC and Bar)
Millard, HarryRailwayman
Miller, ClaryWriter
Miller, DustyBoxer
1942-1946 Fleet Middleweight Champion
1945-1946 Western Indian Middleweight Champion
1951 Northern Indian Heavyweight Champion
Turned Professional 1953
South Indian Heavyweight Champion 1953
Heavyweight Champion 1954
Miller, George ElphinstoneHonorary Magistrate
Miller, Major JamesSoldier
Minto, LordGovernor-General & Viceroy
MITRA, RhonaACTRESS -- Rhona Mitra is the daughter of Nora and Anthony Mitra. Her mother is Irish Catholic and her father is of half-Bengali and half-English descent. She was raised as a Roman Catholic. In 1984, Mitra's parents divorced and, as part of an overall lifestyle change, eight-year-old Mitra was sent off to boarding school. Several years passed at two different all-girls schools, including Roedean, but Mitra was eventually expelled from both of them.
Moncrieff, Lieutenant Robert HopeSoldier
Monnier, MauriceBoxer
Northern India Light-Heavyweight Cahmpion 1951
Monro, Captain InnesSoldier
Montagu, E.S.Secretary of State for India
Montague, LieutenantSoldier
Moore, Charles MarkhamCivil Engineer
Moore, Gloria JeanAuthor
Moore, Lieutenant A.T.Soldier
Moore, Ronald Allen, IPSSr. Deputy Commissioner, Calcutta Armed Police Brigade /ALSO
Heavyweight Boxing Champion of India
The Maharaja of Cooch Behar
All India Heavy Weight Championship
Professional Belt 1958 – 1968 R. A.Moore - India (Retired undefeated)
Moorhouse, GeoffreyWriter
Moort, N.Chevalier - Legion of Honur (sic), Belgium 1933
Old Boys Alumni Victoria School, Kurseong
MOREA, DinoDino Morea was born in Bangalore[1] to an Italian father and an Anglo-Indian mother. He is the second of three brothers. Nicolo Morea is his older brother, and Santino Morea is his younger brother. His family moved to Bangalore, Karnataka. He attended and graduated from St. Josephs College in Bangalore and also went to Bangalore Military School. He was first noticed when he was modeling for a fashion company, and he soon received his first film offer. His debut Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi opposite Rinke Khanna was a flop, but he got his breakthrough roles with the Rajiv Menon film Kandukondain Kandukondain and the horror film Raaz. He used to date actress Bipasha Basu and Lara Dutta. Morea is also known to speak Hindi, Italian, Punjabi, English, and some Kannada.
Morley, JohnSoldier/Boxer
Morrisby, EdwinWriter
Mousinho, Wing CommanderSoldier
Mulleneux, Harry J.Chief Electrical Engineer
Munro, LordGovernor-General
Murphy, KevinWorld Class Drummer born in Madras, moved to England, and later to Australia. Kevin is currently touring Australia with Cotton, Keayes & Morris, a very well-known group of singers since the 80's. Besides drumming, Kevin is also a songwriter and a keen photographer.
Murray, HughWriter
Murray, Mrs.Opened the Female Boarding School
Nonis, Basil IrvynAwarded Queen's Gallantry Medal 1982, for services rendered during the Falklands Isalands War. Joined the British Army (Royal Engineers) 1961, 5th Airborne Brigade. Transferred to the Royal Marines 1971. At present time demobilised & living in Germany
Noronha, Commander ReggieSoldier
Norries, RexHockey Player-(general utility)
Norris, PhilomenaHockey Player
Norris, RonBoxer
Madhya Pradesh Lightweight Champion. 1952 All-India Champion, held in Calcutta
Norris, WendyHockey Player
Nuthall, BettyTennis Player
O'Brien, Clare JosephineDuchess of Sutherland
O'Brien, GeorgeShikari & Fisherman
O'Brien, JoyceAll India Anglo-Indian Association Employee
O'Brien, NeilPresident All India Anglo-Indian Association
O'Connell, DanielControlled Ireland
O'Connor, BettyMiss India 1982 - Eve´s Weekly. Ms. Williams represented India at the Miss International contest held in Japan. She has just completed her certification in early childhood education and presently teaches in the USA.
O'Sena, MaryHockey Player
O'Shaughnessy, Dr. WilliamAsst.-Surgeon-Bengal Med. Establishment-East India Co.
Oberon, MerleFilm Actress
Oge, VincentMulatto Leader
Oliver, ReginaldIAF Commander of No. 41 LAS Squadron. During tenure of duty flew Pundit Nehru & Indira Gandhi.
Olivier, LordScientist
Olpherts, General Sir WilliamSoldier
Otter, Norma (nee Arklie)Hockey Player and Captained the Bombay City Team. Norma was a member of the First Indian Women's International Team to play overseas.
O´Brian, Michael, JohnAir Vice Marshall & Deputy Joint Chiefs Of Staff, PAF
Padua, StephenM.L.A./President-in-Chief, Union of AI Assoc./Chairman, Central Board of Anglo-Indian Education (Kerala) (1914-1994)
Paes, JackieMascot for basketball team
Paes, JennyBasketball Player
Paes, LeanderTennis Player
Paes, MarieBasketball Player
Palmer, CharlesEstablished the Anglo-Indian Empire League
Palmer, JohnFounded-Banking of Palmer & Company & trained for the Navy
Palmer, Lieutenant General WilliamMilitary Secretary & Soldier
Palmer, William "Grand Mogul" or "King"Soldier/Artist/Surveyor
Park, Gunner JamesSoldier
Parker, Cecil VMGroup Captain, Indian Air Force
1971 India-Pakistan War hero. Won the Maha Vir Chakra for outstanding galantry.
Parker, DerekRailwayman
Parkes, Sir HenryProprietor of the Sydney Empire
Paul, K.T.Represented the Indian Christians
Paul, Richard NugentWWII Veteran & Merchant Seaman
Payne, ChristopherAustralian Satellite Expert and PSM Recipient.

C. Payne was instrumental in setting up the Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) in Australia. As a direct result of his outstanding dedication to duty in the deployment of the GMDSS, Australia can now lay claim to a pioneering role in the use of the system which has already had a tangible impact in the saving of lives.
Payne, GregVoted Sexiest Model in 1999 in People Magazine
Payne, WithbertBusinessman (U.S.A.)
Pearce, EricAustralian Olympic Hockey Player
Represented Australia in the 1968 Olympics for the 4th time
Pearce, GordonAustralian Olympic Hockey Player
Pearce, JulianAustralian Olympic Hockey Player
Pearce, MelAustralian Olympic Hockey Player
Peel, LordSecretary of State for India
Pengilley, PatTeacher
Pereina, RonaldAdmiral
Perron (Pierre Cuillier), GeneralSoldier
Peters, Lieutenant Colonel FredSoldier
Peters, RussellComedian (Canada)
Stand-up comic Russell Peters is quickly emerging as Canada's fastest-rising comedy star. Gemini award winning Canadian comic Russell Peters is known for a cheeky brand of comedy, that is rude and laddishness without being offensive to the females in the audience. With Asian roots, Russell explores attitudes towards race in a way that is fresh, surprising and hard-hitting. At times controversial, Russell combines his observations with a likeable stage persona and a cheeky grin. He's the country's leading comedic spokesperson on clashing cultures.

Russell is the son of Eric Peters, one time Editor of Anglo-Indians In Touch newsletter.
Pettengell, EdgarSoldier
Phillips, Everard Aloysious LisleEnsign
Picachy, Lawrence Trevor (1916-1992)Cardinal of the Catholic Church
Pickford, Sir AlfredBusinessman & Pickford Committee Secretary
Pigott, LordGovernor of Madras
Pilkington, J.W.Soldier/Connoisseur/Ophthalmologist/Military Surgeon
Pitcher, Captain H.W.Soldier
Pitt, Thomas DiamondGovernor
Platel, RaymondM.L.A. (West Bengal), Member of the Indian Constitution Comm., Barrister
Plunkett, DesmondBritish Flier, Portrayed by Steve McQueen in the 1963 movie ""The Great Escape""
Ponappa, Meenakshi (Minnie)Doctor
Pote, CharlesArtist
Powell, KenAthlete-100 meter run
Prater, StanleyComm. Repr. & Pres.-All India Anglo-Indan Association & Clerk
Prendergast, General Henry N.D.Soldier
Prior, BonnieEntrepreneur
Prior, MalcolmEntrepreneur
Pritchard, Norman GilbertAthlete. Went on to star in Hollywood and Broadway. Born in Calcutta to George Pritchard & Helen Pritchard. First Indian athlete to participate in the Olympic Games. He was also the first Indian and first Asian to win an Olympic medal. He won 2 silver medals at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, France. He came second in the 200 meters behind Walter Tewksbury of the United States and second in the 200 meters hurdles behind the legendary Alvin Kraenzlein of the US. Pritchard set a world record in the 2nd heat of the 200 metre hurdles which was bettered by Kraenzlein. Pritchard won the Bengal province 100 yards sprint title for seven consecutive years from 1894 to 1900. He also won the 440 yards run and the 120 yards hurdles.

He studied at St. Xaviers College, Calcutta and is credited with the first hat-trick in an open football tournament in India for St. Xavier´s against Sovabazar in July 1897.

He moved permanently to England in 1905. Later to the United States where he acted alongside Hollywood legends like Ronald Colman in Beau Geste (1927) and Tonight at Twelve (1929). He also appeared in several Broadway shows. He died in Los Angeles of a brain malady.
Probyn, General Sir Dighton MacnaghterSoldier
Prowse, JulietActress
Puech, GeorgePoet
Pushong, Desmond Eric, Vr.C, Wg. Cdr.Soldier
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