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Abel, EvelynWriter
Adams, J.W.Reverend
Adams, MervHockey Coach
Agacy, Gertruth, DorothyNurse, Midwife.
Gertruth worked in Patna for many Years. She delivered babies for the rich Nawabs and Rajas. By the same token she also delivered babies for the many poor living in Patna. Gertruth was highly regarded as a Midwife & Nurse. She died in Perth W.A. 1997 at the good age of 89. Gertruth was the sister of Frank Davis and sang with his band when young.
Aikman, Frederick R., ColonelSoldier
Aitken, Colonel R.H.M.Soldier
Alexander, GeneralSoldier
Allard, Jean FrancoisSoldier
Alley, AllenWing Commander, Indian Air Force.
Vir Chakra Award recepient. 1971 India-Pakistan War hero.
Allmand, Captain M.Soldier
Alter, TomActor
Amore, Dennis LawrenceM.L.A. (Maharasthra), Philanthropist, Pharmacist
Anderson, DonaldSoldier
Anderson, Group Captain T.L.Soldier
Anderson, ShikariSoldier
Anderson, Wing CommanderSoldier
Andrews, Captain H.J.Soldier
Andrews, Eugene AnthonyBorn on August, 1901 - died November, 1978, at the age of 78. President of the All India Anglo Association, 2nd in cammand to Frank Anthony, A-I President-in-Chief. He was also President of the A-I Gidney Club in Delhi, where the Anglo-Indian AGMs were h
Annadale, NelsonDoctor
Anthony, FrankEducationist & Champion of Anglo-Indian Rights/Author/M.P.
Born September 1908 in Jabalpore, M.P. died following cardiac arrest December 1993, at the age of 86.
Anthony, WilliamSoldier
Arcote, LieutenantSoldier
Atkinson, L.P.Travelling Secretary
Augier, ElsieM.L.A. (Bihar)
Augier, Pierre William, M.B.E.Forest Officer, Bihar Forest Service
Aungier, GeraldAppointed President of the Surat Factory an Governor of Bombay in 1672, remained at this post till 1675
Baker, GeorgeMusician
Baker, Major General Charles G.Soldier
Balke, Flight Lieutenant Michael Patrick OwenSoldier
Bapty, Second Lt. P.S.Recipient of the Royal Humane Society Medal, 1915
Recipient, Military Cross 1916
Old Boys Alumni, Victoria School, Kurseong
Barber, CarmodyRailwayman
Barber, EricMonseigneur
Barker, Maurice, (Ret'd. IAF) PVSMAir Marshall
1971 India-Pakistan War hero. Awarded the Param Vishisht Seva Medal.
Barren, A.K.Chief Secretary to the Orissa Government
Barrett, Flight Lieutenant A.W.Soldier
Barrington, RowlandCricketer.
Rowland Barrington, the 24 year old from Bangalore has been the backbone of the Karnataka batting along with Vijay Bharadwaj in the absence of Rahul Dravid who is busy in giving laurels to the nation. Rowland has been in the domestic circuit for more than 5 years.
Barrow, A.E.T.Administrator-All India Anglo-Indian Association & Educationist
Barton, HarryGeneral Secretary to the Indian Telegraph Association
Barty, Officer D.O.Soldier
Bater, FrederickSoldier
Beale, Thomas WillaimScholar
Beatty, PatBasketball Player
Beaty, FrankSuperintendent of Police, Baluchistan.
Recepient of the Kaiser-I-Hind & King's Police Medal, and The Order of The British Empire (OBE).
Beaty & Rudyard Kipling were friends, Kipling's "Kim" was modeled on Frank Beaty.
Beaumont, JohnChief of the Tellicherry Trading Factory
Beek, BarbaraSprinter
Belcher, Lance Sergeant D.Soldier
Bell, Dr. AndrewOpened the Madras Male Orphan Asylum
Bellamy, Reverend GervasOpened a charity school
Bensley, General JosephSoldier
Bentinck, William LordGovernor-General
Berry, Eva Margaret GloriaAir Hostess & Recipient of the Ashoka Chakra Award. First Anglo-Indian woman to be awarded the Ashoka Chakra for outstanding bravery.
Berry, Flt. Sgt Fred, DFCPilot, Battle Of Britain, RAF
Fred was an ´old boy´ of Victoria School Kurseong
Killed In Action September 1940 "One Of The Few"
Best, PeteDrummer. Born in Madras, Nov. 24, 1941. For most general rock fans, the Pete Best story ends on August 16, 1962. That´s when Beatles manager Brian Epstein told the unfortunate drummer that he was being replaced by Ringo Starr, just weeks before the group would record their first single. Most fans don´t know that Best did continue to perform and record for a few years, usually as the leader of his own group, and usually for cheapo companies eager to exploit his notoriety as an ex-Beatle.
Biber, Hugh WinstonPresident of the All India Teachers Association circa 1955. Also worked for The Irish Christian Brothers at St Joseph’s College, in Bowbazar, Calcutta. He passed away in Sydney, Australia in 1978.
Biber, Sheila AudreyMrs. Biber was one of the founders of the Park English School, together with Doreen Mann and Phyllis Stracey, The school is still open and doing extremely well in Calcutta.
Binny, RogerAce bowler and All Rounder (Cricket)
BirkenheadSecretary of State for India
Blackford, Captain StanSoldier and Author
Blair, Captain JamesSoldier
Blake, Captain Frank GeraldSoldier
Blake, Group Captain, Michael, VrCPilot. Victoria Cross Recipient
Micky Blake is an "old boy" of Victoria School, Kurseong. Micky is alive and doing well in Sydney, Australia.
Blunt, Flight Lieutenant Leslie Richard DickensonSoldier
Boisragon, Colonel G.H.Soldier
Bolt, RanjitAuthor, Translator
Bolt, RanjitAuthor, Translator
Ranjit Bolt OBE (born 1959) is a British playwright and translator. He was born in Manchester of Anglo-Indian parents and is the nephew of playwright and screen-writer Robert Bolt.[1][2][3] His father is literary critic Sydney Bolt, author of several books including A preface to James Joyce, and his mother has worked as a teacher of English.[3] Bolt was educated at The Perse School and Oxford University, and worked as a stockbroker for eight years but "I was desperate to escape, any escape route would have done, and translating turned out to be the one".[1] As well as his plays he has published a novel in verse, Losing it[4] and a verse translation for children of the fables of La Fontaine, The Hare and the Tortoise. He was awarded the OBE in 2003 for services to literature
Bond, RuskinNovelist and writer. Born in Kasauli, grew up in Jamnagar, Dehra Dun & Simla.
Bouche, DavidGroup Captain, Indian Air Force
Bouche, J.J. AVSMAir Vice-Marshall. 1971 India-Pakistan Ware hero.
Bourbon, BalthasarMinister & Poet
Bourbon, PedroSoldier
Bourbon, SalvadorSoldier
Bourbon, SebastianSoldier
Bourguien, LouisSoldier
Bowen, HenrySoldier
Bower, HenryFluent in many languages & an examiner & Vice President
Bower, J.A.H.Writer
Bowler, JohnWell-known English Actor. Born in London, his mother is an Anglo-Indian and his Father was a cockney. Raised in Newcastle, educated in Yorkshire.
Braganza, Colonel LoucielleCommand Principal Matron
Brendish, GeorgeTelegraphist & Soldier. In the 1857 Cawnpore (Sepoy) Mutiny he became an Anglo-Indian hero by refusing to dessert his post in Delhi as the mutineers advanced.
Brennan, Joseph, SergeantSoldier
Brent, TonyPop Singer. Local boy from Calcutta who gained international reputation as a singer. Born August 26, 1927 in Byculla, Bombay, India.
Brighte, EdgarBoxer
Champion Lightweight boxer of India
Brightman, EdwardMerchant
Brodie, HelenActress, Super Model
Brooks, J.B.Soldier/Artist & Surveyor
Brooks, Lt. General HendersonSoldier, Indian Armed Forces. First member of the Community to be given the rank of Lt. General after India's Independence. Also awarded the Vishishth Seva Medal Class 1 in 1962.
Brown, Augustus, Somerville (1897-1973)Author & one of India´s most famous Anglo-Indian Shikars. Ted ´farmer´ Brown whose pen name was Augustus Sommerville Brown died on 3rd August 1973 and was buried in the Lower Circular Road Cemetery in what is now called Kolkata. In addition to writing about Shikars, Ted Brown wrote about English history. His last published work was on Sir Walter Raleigh through Thacker Spink publishers in Calcutta. Mr. Brown spent some time in Australia where he emigrated but returned after he missed his beloved Calcutta.
Brown, Colonel Francis D.M.Soldier
Brown, KarenWriter (U.K.)
Brown, MarieAthlete
Brown, MelvynAuthor/Compiler/Editor/Poet/Publisher
BROWN, NicholasACTOR -- Australian actor of Anglo-Indian origin -- his dad is orginally from Ooty and his mom is from Kolkata.
Brown, PatriciaAuthor (Canada)
Brown, WarrenPoet, Librarian (Calcutta)
Browne, N.A.K. Air Marshal N.A.K. Browne assumed the charge of Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Air Command, The largest and the senior most operational command of the Indian Air Force in June 2009.

Commissioned into the fighter stream of Indian Air Force on June 24, 1972, he has varied operational experience and has flown aircraft that include Hunter, all variants of MiG-21s, Jaguar and SU-30MKI. An alumnus of the National Defence Academy, he is a fighter combat leader, who has also served an instructor at the Tactics and Combat Development Establishment (TACDE) and Defence Services Staff College (DSSC), Wellington. He has trained with the Royal Air Force in the United Kingdom on Jaguar aircraft and commanded a Jaguar Squadron subsequently.
Bruce, Lieutenant William A. McCraeSoldier
Buchanan, ClaudiusReverend
Buckley, Captain JohnSoldier
Burrington, HumphreySoldier/Flying Officer
Burton, Sir WilliamJudge
Bush, PatriciaNurse
Busteed, HAuthor
Butler, Major Thomas A.Soldier
Butler, Sir HarcourtMember for Education on the Viceroy's Council
Byrne, WaleDeputy Collector of Calcutta
Cadell, Colonel ThomasSoldier
Cafe, General William M.Soldier
Callaghan, Air Commodore, PatrickAircraft Accident Expert with PAF
Campagnac, Colonel CharlesSoldier & Boxer
Campbell, LadyOpened the Female Orphan Asylum
Campbell, Sir ColinSoldier
Campbell, WilliamSoldier
Carey, MaryCountryborn Colonial Woman
Carr, DickieHockey Player
Carr, LaurieSecretary-All Indian Anglo-Indian Assoc. & Railwayman & Hunter
Carr, Sir HubertRepresented the Resident European Non-Official Community
Carrapiett, EdwardRadio & TV Announcer
Eddie was presented with the President of Pakistan's medal for his contribution to the media
Carroll, Percy D.Railwayman & Recipient of the Ashoka Chakra Award
Carter, Lieutenant H.A.Soldier
Caston, KevinCaptain Australian Olympic Hockey Team 1960
Catchick, BettyHockey Player
Chamarette, Andrew(1793-1848) Surveyor employed in the Survey of India
Chamarette, Arthur John Andrew (1861-1916) House Surgeon Afzul Gung Hospital and Medical Charge of H.H, the Nizam's 4th. Infantry . Also took part in anaesthetiic reserch at the Osmain - Reseach instigated by the Nizam in the old British Residency previously occupied by Kirkpatrick (from The White Moguls).
Chamarette, ChristabelAustralian Politician
Chamarette, Norman Palmer PoyntzDoctor. Norman Chamarette's paternal Grandmother was a Palmer decended from the banker son of General Palmer.
Chambers, E.W.Established Eurasian and Anglo-Indian Association
Channer, General G.N.Soldier
Chapman, CarltonCaptain of National Football Team
Charles, GeorgeCommando
Chatterton, DuncanBoxer
Middleweight Champion from 1934-1937. Secretary of the Jhansi Branch of the All India Anglo-Indian Association
Chelmsford, LordViceroy
Chester, Benjamin HenryRepresentative of the Indian National Congress
Chick, NoahPublisher
Chicken, Captain George B.Soldier
Clark, WilliamBandsman
Clarke, T.G.Senior Magistrate of Madras
Clarke, Wing CommanderSoldier
Claudius, LeslieCaptain of the Hockey Team, three Olympic Gold and one Silver Medal, awarded Best Sportsman of the Century from Bengal by Ballygunge Inst.
Clements, LloydRailway Train Driver
Clive, RobertSoldier & Governor of Bengal
Clogstoun, Major Herbert M.Soldier
Cobb, RichardReverend
Colvin, Colonel J.M.C.Soldier
Connolly, Gunner William G.Soldier
Conquest, D.M. AVSMWing Commander, Indian Air Force
Vir Chakra Award recepient. 1971 India-Pakistan War hero
Conwell, Edward (Connie)Edward Conwell (known as "Connie" to his mates) was born in Calcutta, India on 24 July 1929. He played hockey for the West Bengal State team in the position of left half in 1957 & 1958. His team won the Bengal Hockey Association Beighton Cup in 1957 & 1963 and was Runner-up in 1962. He played with names like Leslie Claudius, Pat Jansen, Keshev Dutt and the like.
Cook, Major J.Soldier
Cooke, Alfred VrC, DFCPilot, Indian Air Force
Cooke, Tyrone AlfredSoldier/Flight Lieutenant/Vr.C
Cooper, ClydeBusinessman. Co-founder & Managing Director of Blue Dart Courier Service.
Cooper, PatiencePatience Cooper who played the lead in various Madan pictures - Nala Damayanti (1920), Ratnavali (1922) and Noorjehan (1923) to name some was perhaps the first ever Indian female film star. An Anglo-Indian from Calcutta, she appeared in many silent films before switching to talkies with comparative ease. She started as a dancer in Bandmann's Musical Comedy, a Eurasian troupe before being employed by Madan's Corinithian Stage Company. Cooper was often cast as the sexually troubled but innocent woman at the center of moral dilemmas, a forerunner to the type of roles played later by Nargis. She also played perhaps the first ever double roles in Hindi films - Patni Pratap (1923), where she played two sisters and Kashmiri Sundari (1924), where she played mother and daughter. A major aspect of her star image was the successful achievement of the 'Hollywood look' in spite of different light and technical conditions. Her dark, sharp eyes and skin tone allowed technicians to experiment with the imported convention of eye-level lighting. Cooper's last film was Iraada (1944).
Corbett, JimShikari & Author
Corner, PriscillaRising actress in the theatre/wife of Robin Corner
Corner, RobinChampion Jockey
Corner, SaraFemina Miss India-World 2001
Born in Calcutta, Sara Corner, comes from an Anglo-Indian family and has studied and lived in Bangalore for about 19 years. Sara Corner, Femina Miss India-World 2001, firmly believes that she has the grace, quietude and beauty of a giraffe - the animal with which she most identifies. "When I won the crown, my first thought was that I'd done my parents proud and overcame a challenge," she says, recalling the big moment. And the biggest part of that challenge, Sara feels, was to keep reminding herself and believing that she was a winner - whether she won or lost the crown.
Cortlandt, Colonel Henry VanSoldier
Cosgrove, Corporal W.Soldier
Costello, Colone E.W.lSoldier
Cotton, Dr. George Edward LynchMetropolitan of India
Cough, General Sir C.J.S.Soldier
Cough, General Sir H.H.Soldier
Court, Claude AugustSoldier
Coverdale, John, M.D.Doctor
Crabbe, CharlesSoldier
Craig, AlecRailway engineer
Crawford, JohnParliament Member
Crimmin, Colone J.lSoldier & Surgeon
Crittleton, HenrySoldier
Crooks, DennisCoach, Team Manager - Ontario Field Hockey
Dennis Crooks retired from international competition after reaching the ultimate achievement in his career of field hockey when he walked into the Olympic Stadium, Seoul, Korea in 1988, as Canadian National Team Manager, representing Mississauga and Canada. In 1987, Dennis was manager of the Canadian Team that won the “Gold Medal” in the 10th Pan American Game in Indianapolis, USA. He also managed the Canadian Junior and Senior teams from 1981-88 that competed in various competitions all over the world. He was very fortunate that this sport gave him the opportunity to visit all Five continents that God created. Dennis also coached Ontario’s men’s junior and senior squads in Provincial Championship’s from 1979 through 1985. In addition to holding the Level 2 National Coaching Certificate and the Level 1 Indoor/Outdoor Umpire Certificate, he also served as President of Ontario Field Hockey Association 1981-82.
Cubitt, Colonel William GeorgeSoldier
Cumming, Arthur EdwardBrigadier, an Anglo-Indian from Karachi had the distinction of being awarded the Victoria Cross in WWII.
Curtis, P.E.Reverend
D'Cruz, Anthony D'Cruz -Born Lahore ( British India 1935)
1956 - Played for Sind Province
D'Cruz, Dudley J D'Cruz - Born Lahore (British India 1940).
1955 - Punjab Open Champion, (runner up several occassions ).

1956 - Toured India with Pakistan (Punjab) team to play against Indian ( Punjab ) team.
D'Monte, DenzilCommunity businessman
D'Silva, KidBoxer
Most scientific boxer that India produced. Described in Australia as "The Hindoo Giraffe with the punch of a Mule"
Da Costa, WilloughbyMerchant
Daniell, H.R.H.Educationist
Daunt, Colonel John Charles CampbellSoldier
Davenport, ElizabethJavelin & Discus Thrower
David, Anthony (Tony)First ever Flight/Engineer RPAF

Davis, Colonel DorothyChief Principal Matron
Davis, FrankBandleader, Musician
Known as the Victor Sylvester of the EAST, the 39/46 war brought much popularity to his Band.
Dawes, Cecil LancelotA soldier and a cartoonist he was acclaimed as India´s top commercial cartonnist doing a lot of major work after the war. He also designed the logo "Courage Is Destiny" for the Frank Anthony Schools. Thousands of children wear his logo on their blazers while attending the Frank Anthony Schools. Mr. Dawes was also cartoonist for some popular English newspapers. When he died the Statesmen Newspaper in India commemorated him as "the cartoonist who revolutionized classified advertisements", He was also well known within the army horse Shows circle, and the First Asian Games. Along with the Prime Minister of India he also inuaugurated the Holy Family Hospital, The Oberoi Chain of Hotels, etc. Delhi. He was also well known for his humour. Very few people knew that after fighting against Rommel in Basra, he was severely wounded, and suffered severe baoynet wounds all over his body & contracted the famous desert cough which in turn, did not allow him to sleep again in a bed. The chair was his bed and punishment till the time he died. He died a proud man though forgotton by the Queen. He often reminisced about WWII and how they were given a pure mug of rum before they fixed their baynotes and charged into hand combact while singing "God Save the Queen".
Dawson, Corporal J.Soldier
Dawson, StanAdmiral
Day, FrancisChief Agent of the Company
de Cruze, W.T.Bandsman
de Dombal, Mike
(known as Mike Danton in the music world)
de Facien, General Henri JosephSoldier
de Gruyther, Sqdrn. Leader AlbertDistinguished Flying Cross, 1940
Old Boys Alumni Victoria School, Kurseong
de Mellow, AnthonyChampionSportsman
de Mellow, MelvilleIndia Radio Commentator and Journalist
de Pass, Lieutenant Frank AlexanderSoldier
de Roze, George WilsonAdvocate of the Calcutta High Court, ex-MLA, co-founder of the AI Study Circle, recipient of the prestigious Henry Gidney Award 1994
de Souza, Lawrence AugustusLawyer
de Talleyrand Varle, Princess CatherineCountryborn Colonial Woman
Deboigne, Court BenoitSoldier
Deefholt, EvaBasketball Player
DeefholtsHockey Player-(reserve)
Deefholts, MargaretAuthor
Deefolts, C.J.Official in the Telegraph Department
Deefolts, Madame Adelina,Musician
DeRoze, George WilsonAdvocate (Calcutta)
Derozio, FrancisJames Scott & Company employee
Derozio, Henry Louis VivianNationalist Poet; Leader; Organizer & Formed the Academic Assoc.
India's First National Bard
Derridon, Commander LouisSoldier
Diamond, Sergeant BernandSoldier
Diaz, Oswald HerbertIAS officer in 1960's. Retired late 1970's. Information is sketchy. He was the Collector of Nilgiris district and then Collector (Oct 1959 to Jan 1960) in Madras State. He was also Inspector General of Registration, Madras State. He held many postions in the Government seat of Madras until he retired.
Dick, G.S.President of the East Indian Club
Dick, J.Patriot
Dick, Major General Sir Robert HenrySoldier
Dodsworth, Wing Commander O.D.Soldier
Dover, CedricWriter & Biologist
Doveton, Captain JohnSoldier
Dragwidge, Shri C.C.Yard Master
Drudgeon, CaptainCommander-in-Chief
Dubuignon de Talbot, Robert WalterPrivate Merchant & Soldier
Duff, AlexanderStarted the Educational Missions
Duffy, Private ThomasSoldier
Dunn, Lieutenant General Commander PatSoldier
Dupleix, Jean AlbertWife of Governor Dupleix
Durrant, Rt. Reverend H.B.Bishop of Lahore
Dutton, Air Commodore KenAwarded the VAYU SENA MEDAL for Gallantry. Got his commission in the Flying branch of the Indian Air Force on Fighters in May 1960. Took premature retirement in 1994, after 34 long & terribly satisfying years during which I participated in all our wars (1962, ‘65 & ’71 ). Flew a variety of aircraft Fighters, Transport &Helicopters. Went on deputation to the Iraqi Air Force to train their pilots. Air Commodore Dutton is a qualified Flying instructor. Sent on deputation to or Ministry of Agriculture to fly helicopters in a different war, namely , crop spraying !!. Awarded for gallantry the VAYU SENA MEDAL. Was given command of two Squadrons and three Air bases during his service. His last appointment was flying “a desk” in Air HQ as a Director, from which appointment he retired.
Dyce, George A.Officer in Command of troops
DysonBrought down six enemy planes in single combat
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