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The stories David tells are rich in such contemporary resonances. The offhand process by which Muslim-dominated Kashmir was gifted to a Hindu ruler had consequences that continue to this day, and he has unearthed another potent example of history repeating from 1861, when Lord Melbourne’s Whig government was accused of doctoring intelligence reports from Afghanistan to strengthen its case for intervention. As David notes, “a century and a half later, another British prime minister would face similar charges . . . this time in Iraq. The real reason for both wars, of course, was regime change”.

Of all the wars fought early in her reign, Queen Victoria seemed most exercised by the Indian Mutiny. She was particularly worried about the retribution that would be meted out to the rebels, hoping, with the sort of attitude that betrayed the times, “that our officers & men will show the difference between the Christian and Mussulman & Hindoo by sparing the old men, women & children”.
Viking Publishers London2006
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