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Shires, ReginaldA Leopard´s Call: An Anglo-Indian Love Story is a gripping account of a young husband and wife team. Norma and Reginald Shires, a nurse and minister, just two years into their marriage, set out to live in the wilderness grasslands of West Bengal, India, down from Bhutan. There they began teaching and building up a high school for students from rare tribal groups.

From the very first page of this eloquent brief on living a simple life and raising a family in a jungle area, you become engrossed in a hilarious yet moving true story of their unforgettable world. Anglo-Indians have often distinguished themselves in sports, entertainment, medicine, education, the railway and telegraphs and in the armed services. This story is an example of those who devote their lives to those in need.
Authorhouse Books, USA
Paperback ISBN: 1420828223
Hardcover ISBN: 1420828231
April 1, 2005
Shires, ReginaldAt An Age For Love: A Novel of Bangalore During World War II is an extraordinary story of a soldier´s family waiting for his safe return from the Africa Front where he serves with a British tank unit pressing hard against the Germans in the desert of Libya. The chronicle begins with the soldier, Capt. Edward Thompson, saying goodbye to his wife Amelia and son Paddy and ends with his return at the end of the war. The story, narrated in incredible detail, tells how the boy and his mother with their relatives and friends live in this hectic military city in South India, where those who stay behind are swept along into the rushing, wild stream of British history in India during a time of war. The lives of these women--and their children--provide a bold story of Anglo-India in this multihued Indian landscape where rogues and villains and the honest, hard-working, church-going, form relationships in this bold saga as men and women cross family and racial boundaries in their search for love. The city of Bangalore with its cluster of towns around British army barracks comes alive with memorable characters and this novel follows their tense and gripping relationships. The ending, where these fun-loving characters come together in a frail boat on the peaceful Cauvery River at Seringapatnam near sunset, has much to say about life and the human mystery and the vision it offers us as we live in a changing world. Authorhouse Books, USA

Paperback, ISBN: 1420877992
January 2006
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March 2005 - Release Date
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January 2005
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Sundaresan, InduSplendour of Silence
Reviewed by Moniza Inam

WRITTEN by Indu Sundaresan, who was born and brought up in India and currently lives in Seattle, the novel explores the Raj period when the Second World War was at its peak. When one starts reading the book, there is a feeling of familiarity and nostalgia. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Urdu literature has ample books on the subject. Writers ranging from Krishan Chandar to Quratulain Hyder, Ismat Chaughtai and scores of others have written extensively on it. The lifestyle of the Indian Civil Service (ICS) officers, their servants and exclusive clubs, concerns about their children’s education and aspirations to become pacca sahibs, the rat race to make their sons pass the civil service examination, as well as the prejudices of the English rulers, the political turmoil and the nationalist movement have been touched upon in detail by the writers.

Another familiar theme is the phenomenon of Anglo Indians, the race which emerged due to the interaction of the colonists and the subject people. The author recounts the ways this mixed race group was disowned by both races and had to fight a war of survival in the caste-ridden conservative Indian society during the 19th century. The princely states and their fascinating rulers — each with his own idiosyncrasies and extravagant way of living — are also discussed in detail in the book.

Despite choosing a topic that has been done to death, it is to Sundaresan’s credit that with the help of an intricate and grasping plot, she is able to keep the interest of the readers alive till the very end of the novel. There are no loopholes or ambiguities in the plot, but with the help of various flashbacks she works hard to keep the reader enthralled.

The story begins in Seattle where an American girl named Olivia receives a large leather trunk from India as a present on her 21st birthday. It contains some saris, photographs, a diary and a letter. As Olivia starts reading the letter, she discovers her roots, forgotten names, and her family history along with the story about her deceased parents. She learns about their unconditional love for each other, and how her recently belated father loved her long dead mother till the end of his own life.

The family’s history commences in the princely state of Rudrakot, where an ICS officer named Raman lives happily with his three children till an American army officer, named Captain Sam Hawthrone, comes into their lives. Raman’s daughter Mila is swept off her feet by the charming foreigner — she seems to have forgotten that she is engaged to the raja of the state. Mila gives her heart, body and soul, he, however, has other priorities such as his missing brother who is also a US army officer. Sam is looking for his brother who, it is believed, disappeared within Rudrakot.

Parallel to the story of Mila and Sam, the author has provided a narrative on the happenings on the Burmese front where Sam was posted before coming to India. This aspect of the novel is perhaps the most interesting as Sundaresan takes readers to the jungles of Japanese-occupied Burma where two American soldiers and a female missionary have been fighting their own war of survival.

The author also depicts the incongruities of a colonial society in a very effective manner, especially the plight of the Eurasian people. It is one of the factors that force Mila to reconsider her decision to marry Sam. She realises that their children will not be accepted either as Indians or American, but instead will remain outcasts. However, the most touching and heartrending character is that of Jai who graciously accepts the fact that his wife is in love with someone else and is even carrying the other man’s child. After Mila’s death, he takes the infant to her biological father. The act reveals his magnanimity and unqualified love for Mila.

Splendour of Silence is an exceptionally well-written and well-researched work of fiction which, apart from a typical love triangle, captivatingly depicts the socio-political conditions of the Raj. The only exasperating aspect of the novel is that sometimes the writer tends to go overboard when explaining trivial elements of Indian life. The author has obviously done this for the sake of western readers, but at times the descriptions tend to become boring for desi readers.

Penguin Books, India
ISBN-10: 0143101382
December 2006
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Thorpe, OwenPaper Boats In The Monsoon - ife In The Lost World Of Anglo-India
About the Book
Indian Independence in 1947 fired the starting gun for the great Anglo-Indian exodus from India. These half-caste ´children of the Raj´ were never going to fit in - they were an unwelcome reminder of the colonial past and they insisted on being different. They took with them a unique, vibrant and free-wheeling way of life, now lost forever to India. Owen Thorpe describes in colourful and hilarious detail his boyhood chasing kites and chameleons, fighting the native lads, threatening the monsoon storms and eating his weight in food each day. He recounts his experiences in a barefoot orphanage and as unwilling boarding school ´prisoner´ of the grim Brothers who ran his remote hill school. All was not plain sailing as his teacher parents moved from school to school and finally abandoned him to India as they emigrated to England. He survived to work his way through college strumming a bass guitar and singing in the famous Calcutta pop scene of the 1960s as well as patronising the posher local opera, drama and motor sports groups. He found employment working for a national newspaper, where he and his colleagues were subjected to weekly attacks by howling mobs who disagreed with its editorial policy. He also spent his evenings broadcasting on radio. Finally, he reluctantly joins the Anglo-Indian exodus only to find that getting out of India is harder than he realised. He hires a lawyer to bribe and lie his way out of the country and joins his old family in England - this time accompanied by a family of his own. The book is an affectionately observed portrait of a unique culture and its entertaining characters. The author has a sharp eye for detail and a keen appreciation of the quirkiness of being an unwelcome guest in his own country.
295 pages; quality trade paperback (softcover); published by Trafford Publishing Canada; catalogue #07-1056; ISBN 1-4251-2965-1 2008
The Lion And The Chakra
Book Review
I must begin by saying I thoroughly enjoy Owen’s writing style. He draws a picture in words and then proceeds to capture your imagination by painting the background, and the memorable character
Troubadour Publishing Limited2010
Thurston, EdgarEurasians of Madras & Malabar1898
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Travers, RobertIdeology and Empire in Eighteenth-Century India: the British in Bengal
Reviewed by Jon Wilson, King's College, London - *** In the course of a single generation, the British empire was transformed from being a network of self-governing Atlantic communities into a cluster of largely Asian territories acquired, for the most part, through conquest. As countless historians note, the second half of the eighteenth century saw an 'epochal shift in world power'. For many scholars it was this period which saw the 'foundations of modern colonial empires' (p. 2). For some, it marks the beginning of forms of imperial domination which continue into our present. Robert Travers opens his elegant and well-argued account of this initial period of imperial rule in India by noting how startled British contemporaries were by the extension of European sovereignty in the subcontinent. Edmund Burke called the rise of British power in India one of the most 'stupendous revolutions that have happened in our age of wonders' (p. 1). The demise of the Mughal empire and its successor states, and the growth of European authority in Asia, created shockwaves in the intellectual world of London and elsewhere.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007 ISBN-13: 978-0-5218-6145-8; 292 pp.; £50.00 2007
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