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MacFarlane, Iris Tales & Legends From IndiaF. Watts, Publishers
ASIN: B0007E06GC
MacFarlane, IrisThe Black Hole: Or, the Makings of a LegendAllen & Unwin, Publishers
ISBN: 004954019X
MacFarlane, IrisDaughters Of The Empire: A Memoir of Life & Times in the British RajOxford University Press (USA)
ISBN: 0195678125
March 31, 2006
Mackenzie, Helen, DouglasStorms & Sunshine of A Soldier's Life: Lt. Gen. Colin Mackenzie, C.B., 1825-1881David Douglas
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MacKenzie, Helen, DouglasR. Bentley
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Madge, Elliot WalterHenry Derozio: The Eurasian Poet and Reformer, A Lecture (UC Davis Library)Naya Prokash,Calcutta1967
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New Delhi
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ISBN 0679420193
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Mollo, BorisThe Indian ArmyPublisher Unknown
ISBN 0-7137-1074-8
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Monsarrat, NicholasThe White RajahPan P'back1961
Moore, CharlesThe Sheriffs of Fort William from 1775 to 1926 (2nd ed.)Thacker, Spink & Co., Calcutta1926
Moore, Gloria JeanFrom India, With Love
The story follows the fortunes of an Anglo-Indian family, Irene & Alf Sellers and their sons, Basil & Rex, who left western India for Adelaide, Australia in 1948. Basil & Rex were to have outstanding success in business and sport. They are regarded as quiet achievers, with statesman-like qualities.

The marriages of Basil & Clare, and Rex & Ann are admired for their stability. They have close and loving families. Rex represented Australia in cricket in 1964. Basil is an international figure in the corporate world. Both brothers are dedicted to sport especially cricket and Australia football, and have contributed generously to these sports. Ot was Naso;´s decision to preserve and publish the Sellers´ story. He had long been concerned at the silence surrounding his Anglo-Indian origins, and chose me to write this book to celebrate that hidden heritage, to understand what the term "Angl-Indian" meant, and what it means to be Anglo-Indian.
Dr. G.J.Moore, P.O.Box 155, North Mulgrave, Victoria 3170
AUS $47 local Australia
$35 + $25 postage overseas
November 2006
Moore, Gloria JeanThe Anglo-Indian VisionAE Press, Melbourne1986
Moore, Gloria JeanThe Lotus and the Rose: An Anglo-Indian StoryRiver Seine Publications, Melbourne1986
Moore, Gloria Jean
I Was a StrangerChandos Publishing, Victoria1994
Moore, LucyMaharanis: The Extraordinary Tale of Four Indian Queens & Their Journey From Purdah to ParliamentViking Press, New York2004
Moorhouse, GeoffreyCalcuttaHolt, Rinehart & Winston, NY1971
Moorhouse, GeoffreyIndia Britannica - A Vivid Introduction to the History of British IndiaPaladin Books, U.K.1984
Moorhouse, GeoffreyOn An Indian PilgrimageHodder & Stoughton, London1993
Moraes, Dom & Sarayu SrivatsaThe Long Strider: How Thomas Coryate Walked From England To India In The Year 1613Penguin Viking
ISBN 0-67-004975-1
Moreno, H.W.B.The Call to Arms for Anglo-IndiansCentral Press, Calcutta1916
Moreno, H.W.B.Freemasonry RevealedCalcutta1918
Morris, HenryAnglo-Indian Worthies
Morris, JamesHeaven’s Command: An Imperial Progress
Is the first in the Pax Britannica trilogy of history books about the British Empire by James Morris (better known today as Jan Morris, the world’s most respected travel writer).

This volume traces the rise of the Empire from a few scattered holdings to dominance over 2/3’s of the Earth during the period 1837-1897, the first 60 years of Victoria’s reign.

Although a thick book well over 500 pages in length, it is actually a rather quick read due to Morris’ lively writing style. It is not an exhaustive work but it does hit upon the many thoughts, trends, and events that gave rise to British Imperialism. At times Morris seems wistful about Britain’s lost imperial past and times amused by the mores of Victorian era Britons. Being rather anti-imperialist myself I feel Morris is not critical enough, but on the whole Morris tells the story warts and all. His main thesis is that a missionary zeal drove the expansion of British influence worldwide. In the process the prostelyzing goal shifts from the gospel of Jesus Christ to the gospel of British civilization. As a reader of British fiction, I found this book helpful in finally knowing something about all those cultural touchstones that appear in British literature. At last I know a bit about the Indian Mutiny, the Boer War, Gordon of Khartoum and Dr. Livingstone. The Crimean War, however, is only mentioned in passing.
Harcourt; 1st Harvest/HBJ Ed edition
ISBN-13: 978-0156400060
May 1980
Morris, JanStones of Empire: the Buildings of the RajOxford Univ. Press, Oxford/NewYork1986
Morrison, CameronA New Geography Of the Indian Empire & Ceylon5th Edition, Thomas Nelson & Sons
Mosley, LeonardThe Last Days of the British RajHarcourt, Brace & World, Bombay1961
Moss, PeterBye-Bye Blackbird: An Anglo-Indian MemoirIuniverse Inc.
ISBN 0595313736
January 31, 2004
You can purchase from
Mountnorris, George AnnesleyVoyages and Travels to India, Ceylon, The Red Sea, Abyssinia & Egypt in the Years 1802-1806 (3 vols)London1809
Moxham, RoxThe Great Hedge Of India
A great hedge that by the 1850's ran for 1,500 miles, planted by the East India Co as part of a "customs line" which divided India from the Himalayas to Orissa. Guarded by 12,000 men to extort the hated Salt Tax......... It was one of the greatest constructions in history and added significantly to the sum of human misery in India, yet it appears in almost no history books and today seems completely forgotten in both Britain and India."
Carroll & Graf PublishersReprint edition (March 12, 2002)
Moynihan, Elizabeth B.Paradise As A Garden In Persia & Mughal IndiaNew York: Braziller1979
Mudford, PeterBirds of Different Plumage: A Study of British-India Relations from Akbar to CurzonCollins, St. James´ Place, London1974
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Mullans, J.London and Calcutta Compared in their HeathanismJ. Nishet, London1868
MultatuliMax Havellar: Or the Coffee Auctions of the Dutch Trading Company (Orig. Published in the Netherlands in 1859)Reprinted in Amherst, USA1982
MundyThe Travels of Peter Mundy (Ed. by Richard C. Temple) (2 volumes)Hakluyt Society, London1914
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Naik, M.K.Mirror On The Wall: Images of Inida and the Englishman In Anglo-Indian FictionSterling Pub Private Ltd.
ISBN: 8120713397
December 1991
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Nair, P. ThankappanJob Charnock: The Founder of Calcutta
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Orme, RobertHistory of the Military Transactions of the British Nation (2 vols.) (2nd ed.)John Nourse, London1775
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Ovington, Rev. JohnA Voyage to Suratt in the Year 1689 (Edited by H. G. Rawlinson)Oxford Univ. Press1929
O´Meara, Patrick
Author’s Note
This collection of stories and memories is not intended to be an exhaustive account of our family’s childhood years in India, Ireland and England. Sometimes, it has seemed relevant to introduce comments and other post-colonial tales in order to paint a clearer picture of the times. For these occasional detours, I would crave the indulgence of my readers.

It is intended to remind our branch of the O’Meara family, my beloved wife and, in particular, my own two sons Karl and Kieron — who “have heard it all before” —, of many hours passed in the telling of them. It is also intended as an easy summary of the kind of living we enjoyed and sometimes suffered in those faraway days. It is a summary intended, not only for our children, but also for their children and grandchildren. We had no television, computers, personal stereos, refrigerators or other labour-saving kitchen equipment. Neither did we have “designer” clothing or the other “must have” accoutrements of today’s living. Yet I cannot ever remember a single day when I was “bored” as so many youngsters claim to be today.

My advice to all who read this collection of memories is to value each day of their own lives as precious and exciting building blocks of their own stories — even though they may sometimes include sorrowful or tragic moments — that they too might one day tell their own families.
Panckridge, Nicholas B.Verdict in India1946
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ISBN 1857763963
London, England
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ISBN 1-929131-08-9
California, USA
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ISBN 1-84104-064-0
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October 2003
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Perrin, AliceThe Tiger CharmMcClure's Magazine1909
Peters, GlenMrs D’Silva’s Detective Instincts and the Shaitan of Calcutta
PREVIEW: Look under WHAT'S NEW as well as the PUBLICATIONS Welcome page.
Paperback Original • £8.99
ISBN 978 1906998 011
June, 2009
Phillips, C.H.The East India Company 1784-1834Univ. of Manchester Press1961
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