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Edwards, KerryOur Joyous Days: Historical Sketches of St. George´s Church & School"
This book depicts ‘sketches’ of history of St George’s Church and Schools. St George’s school was founded in 1834 as the first Anglican school in Hyderabad. Christ Church established in 1844 was the forerunner to the building of St George’s Church in 1867 totally from personal subscriptions made by the members of the Anglo-Indian and Domiciled European Anglican Community of Chudderghat. It’s rich heritage and history covers ‘sketches’ of a period from the 1830s to the 1970s, both in text and pictures.

The need for the School was forevisioned by early English missionaries. The Anglo-Indian and Domiciled European Anglican Community of Chudderghat (always known as The Community) and then in the early 1900s the Australian Church Missionary Society’s (ACMS), administered the church and schools until they were handed over by the ACMS in 1962 to the Church of South India Trust.

The book of 440 pages captures personal memories from former school boys and girls and teachers and clergy, along with history and a host of photographs and memorabilia and is a must for all St.Georgians and Hyderabadi students of history.

Limited copies are available at A$50 each (by electronic transfer or $65 bank draft and includes postage and packing) and can be ordered by emailing:
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European Enterprise & Anglo-Indian Remittance & Trade
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Fleming & Tully
Laurence Fleming & Sir Mark Tully
Last Children of the Raj: Volume II
Here is a unique entry-point into British and Indian social and cultural history in the last and momentous period in the history of the Raj. It is a vivid collection of individual memories of children born between 1914 and 1940 and who spent their childhood and adolescence in British India or the Princely States. It includes details of the roots in India, family connections, friendships with other British and Indian children, journeys, adventures, questions of color and race, and impressions of the Raj. The Second World War forms a natural break--war-time India, Independence and Partition, and the postwar return--how did they feel about the new India, and what had India given them and what did they give to India?

About the Author Laurence Fleming is one of the last children of the Raj with strong family connections and has edited and contributed to this collection.
Radcliffe Press
ISBN: 186064872X
November 25, 2004
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Gould, TonyStrangerland: A Family At War by Helena Drysdale
Harshawardhan_Bosham Nimkhedkar, Nagpur, India.
Strangerland is an exercise in family history. Helena Drysdale set out to write the story of a forebear who pursued a career as a colonial governor, but ended up focusing on another branch of the family. Born nearly a decade earlier than Queen Victoria, Isabella Gascoyne, née Campbell, survived her by more than a year.

She spent the first, productive part of her adult life in India, the land of her birth, where she gave birth to nine children, seven of whom survived infancy.

Her husband Charles was a cavalry officer in the service of the East India Company who distinguished himself in the First Sikh War of 1845-46, but was so appalled that he yearned for pastures new - and they didn´t come newer than New Zealand, whose pastures still had to be hacked out of the hills and plains. According to a book Charles read, this recent addition to the British Empire was just the place for a penniless but enterprising ex-officer.

Isabella, recuperating from the birth of her ninth child, was the last to learn about the proposed career move; her children and their governess, Amelia Sutherland, all knew before she was told. She was tired of travel and, now that Charles´s peripatetic military existence was over, had hoped they would settle high up in the Himalayan foothills. But Charles brushed aside her wishes. The family was going to New Zealand, though Isabella was sent home to England on doctor´s orders. Another year would pass before the family was reunited.

PICADOR Publishers
0870 - 079 - 8897
Graham, MariaJournal of a Residence in IndiaGeorge Ramsay & Co., Edinburgh1812
Graham, Rev. J.A.On The Threshold of Three Closed Lands: The Guild Outpost In The Eastern HimalayasThe Guild Outpost
Available from Asian Rare Books, New York
Grand, G.F.The Narrative of the Life of a Gentleman Long Resident in IndiaCalcutta Historical Society1910
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ISBN 0-901721-35-2
April 1998
Handa, RohitA Twisted Cue
It is a story, among many other things, about an Anglo-Indian army officer, Lt. Col. ( later Brigadier) Quintin Reginald "Mulkally" Oxley-Protheroe MC, MVC, Commanding Officer 38 Guards during the 1965 war.

A Twisted Cue is a novel that delves deep into the inner psyche of India. Cultural values, origins, status and the codes of gentlemanly English-speaking Indian society are all explored, including the complicated restrictions of those who live within it. All this is done with wit, a sharpness and verve that make A Twisted Cue a memorable work.

The twice-decorated Lieutenant-Colonel Quintin Reginald Mulkally Oxley-Protheroe, an Anglo-Indian Commanding Officer of an elite Guards battalion is on holiday in Kasauli, a cantonment town in the Simla Hills, on the eve of international hostilities. Whilst searching for an epitaph in a derelict cemetery for his white forefather’s grave, he sees the need to revivify the Hindu side of his bloodline-which lacks the will to wash down curry with bloody water to win battles, as his British ancestors had done while fighting the wars that unified India.

Mulkally’s holiday continues in Delhi where he meets Erica Green, a young woman of his own community, and accidentally rekindles a friendship with Narayani, who nursed him for an injury in an earlier war. The story is told as Mulkally gets involved in the 1965 India-Pakistan conflict which, besides disrupting a romance on the rise, ends in a stalemate which is not to the satisfaction of those who had hoped for more. A twisted cue leads to depression for some officers, with Mulkally departing for another continent where he unexpectedly meets one of the women from whom he was parted by the war.
Ravi Dayal Publishers
ISBN: 8175300493
January 2003
Handley, Mrs. M. A.Roughing It in Southern IndiaEdward Arnold, London1911
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Henriques, F.Children of Caliban: MiscegenationSecker & Warburg, London1974
Herne, TonyFAREWELL RAJ: Witness To End Of Empire

The retired British settlers were split two ways - “Let’s get the hell out of here before we are all slaughtered in our beds”, many armed themselves with pistols and shotguns; the other half remained complacent; “Sit tight – we’ve seen all this before, it will blow over in a few weeks and life will go on just the same”. The Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs who were caught on the wrong side, were quite definite in what they had to do. They had to move to the other side as quickly as possible.

Tony Hearne, just a young man at the time, bore witness to political intrigue, acts of great courage and determination and sickening atrocities. These images and this story have lived with him all his life.

This tale charts a vivid adventure, which no man would have willingly sought, but which brings to life a passionate period in history which has changed the political contours of India and Pakistan and the lives of the people.

The words will resonate with many an old soldier and maybe provide an insight to a younger generation who perhaps cannot imagine living in such fearful and tumultuous times. £1.00 from the cover price of every book will be donated to The Royal British Legion.
Tommies Guides,
East Sussex, ENGLAND
February 2009
Heron, S.F.Anglo-Indians and EurasiansStaton Press Simla1881
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Holmes, RichardSAHIB: The British Soldier In India
Sahib is a broad and sweeping military history of the men who served in India and the women who followed them across that vast and dusty continent, bore their children and, all too often, mopped their brows as they died. Although wealth and status meant a great deal in British India, it was a place that slew the colonel or his daughter as easily as it did the sergeant or his.The bloody battles that gave Britain control of the subcontinent left just as much grief in the lines as in officers´ bungalows. It is a book about British soldiers in the broadest sense - from Sahib-log of the most refined sort to gora-log, red of face and coat, intent on mischief in the bazaar. Richard Holmes, one of Britain´s leading military historians, begins with India´s rise from commercial enclave to great Empire, from Clive´s victory of Plassey, through the imperial wars of th eighteenth century and the Afghan and Sikh Wars of the 1840s, through the bloody turmoil of the Mutiny, and the frontier campaigns at the century´s end.With its focus on the experience of ordinary soldiers, Sahib explains why soldiers of the Raj joined the army, how they got to India and what they made of it when they arrived.
ISBN: 0007137532
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ISBN: 0822317184
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Huxley, AldousIndia´s MinoritiesMinistry of Information & Broadcasting, Delhi1948
Hyam, RonaldEmpire and Sexuality: The British Experience (Univ. of Calif. Irvine Library)Manchester Univ. Press, Manchester1990
Hyland, PaulIndian Balm
"´As pungently aromatic as a Madras curry´ Sunday Telegraph ´Books of the Year´ ´Indian Balm sheds vivid and dramatic light on this unsung Indian province. A richly rewarding read.´ John Keay ´Paul Hyland went off the tourist track and up the river his forebears adopted...His experiences - good, bad and never less than colourful - are revealed in Indian Balm which captures the spirit of this south eastern area of the subcontinent and makes a thoroughly engrossing read.´ Choice, ´Book of the Month´"

Product Description
From an award-winning author whose books have all become modern classics, "Indian Balm" is written beautifully - witty, poetic, informed, full of colour and insight. It is a fascinating journey through past and present India, explaining a region far off the beaten track. "Indian Balm" is the captivating account of a journey Paul Hyland made along the little-known course of the sacred Godavari river in Southern India: a pilgrimage through both his past and India´s present. It is the story of the search for his ancestors, missionaries and traders, who settled in the region generations ago and of their Balm - a wonder cure for all sorts of ailments and afflictions. It is also a fascinating and enlightening journey through India today. Wading through the country´s contradictions and irritations, its ugliness and its beauty, Hyland encounters both the exotic and the commonplace. He meets snake charmers and sadhus, bogi men and horn dancers, witnesses ancient rituals and observes the most simple aspects of daily life. Indian Balm is an extraordinary and, above all, unique journey - vivid, intimate and revealing - travel writing at its colourful best.
ISBN-10: 18451108542005
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