Melbourne, Australia - Friday 9th Jan. 2004 from 9:45am to 2:30pm

The Poverty and Ageing Conference aims to:

1. raise money for poor and aged Anglo-Indians
2. inform Anglo-Indians about the issue of Anglo-Indian poverty around the world but in particular in India
3. raise awareness about the problems of aged Anglo-Indians
4. get Anglo-Indians who are working with the poor and aged to come together and exchange ideas and come up with more effective plans to combat poverty

The Conference has as its focus practitioners in the areas of Anglo-Indian poverty and ageing. People who are actually working with the poor and aged "on the ground".


# Prof. Blair Williams who set up the Tiljallah Relief Fund will be discussing his motivations for setting up the fund.

# A representative of CASS (Calcutta Anglo-Indian Service Society) will be discussing the charity that has been based in Kolkata for 27 years and is devoted to the cause of helping the poor and aged .

# The former Anglo-Indian MLA Neil O'Brien will be discussing the poverty issue from an Indian perspective.

# Brian Demonte will be discussing the process of setting up a Aged Home for Anglo-Indians in Melbourne.

# Sandra Hills from the Brotherhood of St. Laurence will be discussing Aged Care Structures in Melbourne.

# David Samaroo will be putting the case for the Dollar a Month Club.

# Judith Wardale will be discussing the work being done by the Bangalore Multipurpose Social Service Society


The workshop will be held on the Sat. 10th and has as its focus people working in the area of Poverty and Ageing or interested in working in these areas. The workshop will involve participants discussing the practicalities of setting up structures to assist the poor and aged.


Conference tickets will be available from the Tiljallah team below or in the first instance from:

Dr. Adrian Gilbert, Conference Convenor
International Conference for Anglo-Indian Poverty and Ageing
Phone: + 61 3 9547 3462
Mobile: 0414 966 854


The Conference Venue:

Carlton Crest Convention Centre

65 Queens Road
Melbourne, Australia
Phone: + 61 3 9529 4300
Fax: + 61 3 9521 3111
Freecall: 1800 633 888 (Aust. Only)
Link: Carlton Crest Hotel Melbourne


The Poverty and Ageing Conference is supported by the Tiljallah Relief Team of Melbourne, Australia. The team plans to organise two functions a year to raise money for poor Anglo-Indians in India. In January of 2004 there will be a Conference held on Friday the 9th of January followed by a Workshop on Saturday the 10th.

The team members are Mr. Roger Goss, Mrs. Marilyn Goss, Dr. Adrian Gilbert, Ms. Patricia McGready.

Email Contacts:

Mr. Roger Goss
Mrs. Marilyn Goss
Dr. Adrian Gilbert - Conference Convenor
Ms. Patricia McGready