Marian Education Centre 81, Ripon Street, Ca1cutta 700 016

Sister Marisa is working hard to help young Anglo-Indians in India. She badly needs financial support for her work.

It's Christmas once again and as we open our hearts to the Christ Child, I write to thank all of you who in the past year have kept a little place in your hearts for the Anglo-Indian children at Marian Education Centre.

This year we plan to have a Christmas Party for all our kids along with their parents and also to visit and cheer the old Anglo-Indians in their homes. We expect to entertain about 300 people and my co-workers are trying, to get sponsors to help out.

I'm sure you want to know how many students are part of our education programme. Those preparing for the Secondary Board Exam are 40 and the Senior Secondary are 26. Twenty-five students who attend formal school com to us for remedial classes. Our Creche, Nursery and Day Care Centre have 41 altogether. We are in touch with 132 Anglo-Indian children 5 days a week helping them in the best way we can to achieve their goals.

None of the 25 students who attended remedial classes failed this year Our kids seem to have a mental block where the study of the Vernacular is concerned. We are desperately looking for more creative and attractive way of teaching the Vernacular 90 that the challenge of learning becomes joyful experience for them.

We want to cater for many more children who come to us but our space is limited. P1ans to break down the existing structure at 81 Ripon Street and build A four-storeyed building in its place has been rejected by the Municipal Corporation as the approach to our premises is too narrow. Mrs. Joyce O'Brien of the Anglo-Indian Association has offered to help us try once again.

Thanks to the regular support received from you we are now able to open a Provident fund Account for our Creche Aunties, Agnes, Audrey, Rosy and Michelle. We also give them an annual medical grant.

Calvin, our ex-student, who came back to us to join our Staff as volunteer has been sponsored by us to do his Teachers' Training Course at Mount Hermon's, Darjeellng. He comes back in the holidays to help out at MEC. We have also sponsored Christopher for his Computer Course. He and Richard, both ex-students, are the two supports I have to help me with the running of the Evening School.

This year I completed the first two semesters for my M.A. in English My third semester exams are on and the fourth will be in June '97. Do say wee prayer that I do my best and that it won't come in the way of a Christmas surprises for our children.

I Hope you will forgive me for not adding a personal note in the Christmas newsletter, as I usually do, because I will not be able to get this to the post on time. You are always in our prayer of thanksgiving and for God's blessing for your goodness to us.

With gratitude, love and Christmas Blessings and every good wish for productive New Year full of His joy and compassion.

Yours affectionately, Sister Marisa 10/12/96