The Anglo-Indian Community's Fight for Cultural Identity by Prof. Roy Dean Wright

Rethinking Mixed Race: Conference

(Book Review). Poor Relations: The making of a Eurasion community in British India by C.J. Hawes

(Book Review). Unwanted! Memories of a Priest's Daughter By Esther Mary Lyons


Welcome to the fourth edition of the International Journal of Anglo-Indian Studies. The present edition of the Journal begins with an article by Prof. Roy Dean Wright who makes the important point that Anglo-Indian culture can only survive if Anglo-Indians begin to model their community by using various art forms. Anglo-Indians have to produce books, poetry, music and plays that represent the culture of the community if it is to remain vibrant and alive.

Reviews of two books appear in this issue of the Journal. The first review is of the book "Poor Relations" by C.J. Dawes the second review is that of the book "Unwanted!" by Esther Mary Lyons. The book by Dawes is a history of the Anglo-Indians between 1773 and 1833 and it's a comprehensive piece of work by an Englishman. Dawes is now in the process of writing a second book detailing Anglo-Indian history between 1833 and today. Esther Lyons identifies as an Anglo-Indian and she has written an autobiography in which she details her experiences in India, the USA and Australia from the 1940s to the 1980s.

Most interestingly, this issue of the Journal includes proceedings of a mixed race conference that was conducted in December 1997 at the National Institute for Social Work in London, England. The Conference focused on a wide range of "mixed race" issues from a number of different perspectives. Unfortunately, none of the Conference speakers discussed the Anglo-Indians. I hope that when the Conference is held in December 1998 there will be at least one speaker there who will speak about the Anglo-Indians. Importantly, the issue of "mixed race" remains current and continues to attract the attention of researchers around the world.

In the next issue of the Journal I hope to report on the Anglo-Indian reunion that is presently being held in Bangalore, India.

Dr. Adrian Gilbert - Editor, The International Journal of Anglo-Indian studies.


Prof. Roy Dean Wright is a American Professor of Sociology. He has had an interest in Anglo-Indians for many years with much of his early work being concerned with the Anglo-Indians of India. Recently he has returned to the subject of Anglo-Indians and how they are adjusting to life in India and in many of the countries they have settled in.


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