Anglo-Indian Women: Identity Issues by Ms. Erica Lewin
Some comments on stereotypes of the Anglo-Indians (part 2) by Megan Stuart Mills
Anglo-Indian Schools and Anglo-Indian Educational Disadvantage (Part 2) by Dr. Ann Lobo
Book Review: The Lotus and the Rose.


Welcome to the second edition of the International Journal of Anglo-Indian Studies. The second issue of the journal begins with a piece of by Erica Fraser discussing the issuer of gender and race with reference to Anglo-Indian women. Her article is followed by an article that contain the findings of a researcher from England about the academic and economic attainment of Anglo-Indians. Dr. Ann Lobo, following on from her first article, further discusses Anglo-Indian educational performance in India. The second edition of the Journal concludes with the second part of a critique of Anglo-Indian stereotypes by Ms. Megan Mills and a review of the Lotus and the Rose.

Adrian Gilbert - Editor, The International Journal of Anglo-Indian studies.


Dr. Gloria Moore is an Anglo-Indian. She was born in Lucknow, India and grew up in Jamalpur, Bihar during the final years of the Raj. She can be credited with assisting in the latest resurgence in Anglo-Indian pride and commitment and the growing interest in the maintenance of their identity, history and culture. She is the author of two books dealing with the Anglo-Indians and many articles. She has a Master's from the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Monash University, Melbourne Australia and has recently been awarded her Ph.D.

Dr. Ann Lobo is an Anglo-Indian. Her maiden name was Selkirk. She was born in India in 1939 and completed her secondary education in an Anglo-Indian school in Bandra, Bombay in 1956. She is a Fellow of the Trinity College of Music, London. She possesses a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Reading (1986), a Master's Degree in Education in Multicultural Urban Areas (1988) from the University of London Institute of Education and a Doctorate from the University of London Institute of Education (1994). She is Head of Music in an inner-London school and recently gave a paper at Oxford University (OXCON) in September 1995 on Language Policies in Anglo-Indian schools.

Dr. Adrian Gilbert is an Anglo-Indian. He was born in East Pakistan, what is now Bangladesh, in 1960 and was there during East Pakistan's fight for independence from West Pakistan. He and his family emmigrated to Melbourne Australia in 1972, after a brief stay in Calcutta, India. His Ph.D thesis has just been accepted in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at Monash University, Melbourne. His work background is market and social research with particular emphasis on statistical modelling and computing.

Ms. Megan Mills is a Canadian. She is studying for her Ph.D at York University, Toronto. Her thesis is concerned with the contribution that the Scotch/Irish made in India. Obviously, this would include many Anglo-Indians with Scottish and Irish ancestors.

Ms. Erica Lewin is an Anglo-Indian. She is studying at Murdoch University, Perth, W.A. Her research is concerned primarily with gender and identity issues as they relate to Anglo-Indian women.


The editor will consider for publication short articles or research notes dealing with the Anglo-Indians. The issues covered in the articles may range from history, sociology and psychology to econometrics. Preference will be given to pieces emphasising current research data that might not otherwise be published. Material should be sent to the Editor - International Journal of Anglo-Indian Studies, The Centre of Anglo-Indian Studies, 1 Kurt Place, Noble Park, Victoria, Australia. 3174. Alternately, material may be sent directly via E-mail to the Editor Adrian Gilbert


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