Guidelines for Anglo-Indian Literary Contest

'An Anglo-Indian Literature Award'

Purpose: To encourage and develop Anglo-Indian literary talent

Summary: A literary contest in which one selected story, or article or poem will be awarded US$500.00. Other stories selected will be published in 'An Anthology of Anglo-Indian Short fiction Prose and Poetry'

Entry Fee: None. Contestants are welcome to submit more than one story or poem, but no more than three submissions in total.

Timeline: Contest will start on April 1st 2003. Submission deadline: October 31st 2003. The panel of editorsí decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Format: Short story or poem must be electronically submitted as a "cut and paste" in the main body of an e-mail, or as a "txt" (text only) attachment.

Blind judging (see below) will be in effect and submissions should have a separate cover sheet with the following information:

The title page cover sheet with the above information should be mailed to Mr Peter Lovery, 556 Openaki Rd, Denville, New Jersey, 07834, United States of America, with ĎAnglo-Indian Literature Award' clearly marked on the cover envelope.

The main story, article or poetry entry should not carry any other information except for the Title. The actual text only (without the title page) should be sent separately to the following e-mail address: This will in turn be distributed via an e-mail attachment, (without reference to the senderís e-mail information) to the panel of judges.

Result: Every effort will be made to have the selections and award made by February 1st 2004.

Length: Short fiction or article, any length up to a maximum of 4000 words; poetry, any length up to a maximum of 500 words.


  1. Adrian Gilbert Ph.D author of a thesis on ĎAnglo-Indians in Australiaí and Editor of the International Journal of Anglo-Indian Studies and the Anglo-Indian Wallah
  2. Blair Williams, author of "Anglo-Indians: Vanishing Remnants of a Bygone Era" and Ellen Williams MA (Lit), teacher
  3. Pat Brown, author of "Anglo-Indian Food & Customs"
  4. Margaret Deefholts, winner of cross-Canada literary short fiction and poetry awards.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Participant must be of Anglo-Indian heritage.
  2. Participants must agree, that if their submission is selected, they will grant one-time rights of print publication to CTR ("The Publishers") of 'An Anthology of Anglo-Indian Short Fiction' ("The Anthology"), after which world wide print rights will revert to the authors. Authors also agree to grant non-exclusive electronic rights to The Publishers of the stories included in The Anthology at no additional royalty costs. Authors are nonetheless free to pursue electronic reprints through outlets other than The Publishers at whatever royalty rights they deem fit.
  3. All proceeds from sales of the publication will go to Calcutta Tiljallah Relief Inc ("CTR"), a charity established in the USA to help less fortunate Anglo-Indians in India.