ANGLO-INDIANS (Vanishing remnants of a bygone era) By Prof. Blair Williams, Polytechnic University New York.


Prof. Williams will present highlights of a survey of Anglo-Indians in the 21st century in India, the UK and North America, based on interviews with Anglo-Indians in these three countries. His research attempted to answer the question, "In the 21st Century, are Anglo-Indians merging into the mainstream of the country where they are domiciled? How or why not?"

Being an engineer by education and occupation (as distinct from a sociologist) Blair will use statistics extensively and allow the evidence to determine conclusions. He will examine cultural, social and psychological factors that determine, influence and reflect the stage of integration. Factors such as inter marriage, friends, language, education, socio-economic status, image and self-identity, and so on. All these issues will be examined and the current status of each will be provided.

Blair is an Industry Professor and Director of Manufacturing Engineering at Polytechnic University in New York.