Who are the Anglo-Indians By Dr. Gloria Moore

The two main themes of my talk will be "Who are the Anglo-Indians?" and the upsurge of contemporary interest in them. I plan to answer relevant questions raised and reflected in my books. I will discuss the response to these books and will draw on insider knowledge gained from readers of these books world wide, who have added their stories and experiences as part of Anglo-Indian history. Other themes covered will be the tradition of political activism and the reaction to it, along with literary and media representations. I will compare the Anglo-Indian situation to other world minorities and I'll conclude by reading short extracts from my latest books which relate to the above themes.

Dr. Gloria Moore was born in Lucknow and has lived in Melbourne for 36 years. She has worked at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Monash University, where she tutored and conducted research about the Anglo-Indians. She has published 5 books, among them "The Anglo-Indian Vision" and "The Lotus and the Rose". Most recently she completed the book "Anglo-Indians the Best of Both Worlds". Further, she has been published in Quadrant an Australian scholarly journal.